Learn cybersecurity essentials on your own time at home with these classes

Fear is ripe soil for the unscrupulous. With so much uncertainty and concern over our health and the broader world economy, cybercriminals have been playing on that fear to steal a few extra dollars out of the most scared and vulnerable. The U.S. Secret Service warned that phishing attacks were up significantly and scams over fake COVID-19 treatments have led to seizures and arrests.

From companies and organizations to individuals, it's never been more important for everyone to have their cybersecurity measures on high alert. And whether you're looking to protect your own assets or you've been tasked with safeguarding a company and all its workers, the vital work of white hat hackers is absolutely essential these days.

The training in The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle can put you in a position to understand all aspects of maintaining cybersecurity for a communication system of virtually any size, a lucrative career that can earn you a six-figure income.

The four-part Complete Cyber Security Course (taught by cybersecurity expert and noted consultant Nathan House) is a 360-degree starting point for any cybersecurity career. Starting at the beginning, each part of this multi-pronged introduction will help guide you through vital knowledge, from network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning to all the defense methods that assure every laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet in your network remain secure.

The hacker training continues with the rest of the courses in the collection, including building security analysis tools using Python and learning how to analyze web app security vulnerabilities and solutions using frameworks like Ruby on Rails and PHP. Other courses feature an up-close look at Nmap, a vital ethical hacking tool to scan and find exploitable network vulnerabilities.

There's even a course here aimed specifically at helping you pass the CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001) Ethical Hacking exam, one of the benchmark certifications that can help you get an IT career off the ground.

The courses have a combined value of $1,160, but with this deal, you can get the whole collection now for just $39.90.