Learn how to create engaging content on YouTube from expert creators

What's the biggest website in the world?  Wait, let's amend that question…what's the biggest website in the world other than the site that helps you find all the other sites?

Once you take Google out of the equation, the biggest site on the entire interwebs is the Google-owned home for all manner of video, YouTube. In fact, YouTube has more monthly traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon combined.

Therefore, if you're going to create content, specifically video content, it only makes sense to put it in front of the largest audience on the web anywhere. However, if you're unclear about exactly how to wrangle all those eyeballs to your product video or promotional work, the training in The Complete Content Creator Bundle for YouTube package can help you carve out a right path to viewer riches.

With this 10-course, 50-plus hour package of instruction, expert trainers will help you understand YouTube, what drives its metrics, and ultimately how to bring hundreds, hundreds of thousands, or even millions to your online door.

Of course, you can't bring people to videos that don't exist, so three of the courses in this bundle focus on some of the world's most popular video editing software. Coursework here will get you up to speed on how to edit videos like a pro using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and Camtasia. 

Now that you've got content, the lion's share of the training in this bundle focuses on tips for optimizing your YouTube channel and utilizing all the battle-tested methods for bringing interested viewers to your videos. You'll learn how to tell your brand's story, how to successfully title and keyword your videos, and how to build a following and grow your subscriber count. Meanwhile, successful YouTubers with more than 100 million followers offer tips for understanding YouTube analytics and the ways the YouTube search engine works to grab as many viewers as possible.

Finally, you'll get training in outside software like Tubebuddy that can help boost your YouTube channel; and a practical guide to effectively using YouTube ads to expand your reach and start making passive income off all your views.

All together, this package is valued at almost $1,600, but you can get all this YouTube expertise and training now for only $39.99, less than $4 per course.