This kit can help first timers create their own games and apps quickly with no experience needed

If you've ever considered what it would take to build your own video games, you've probably heard of AppGameKit. Over the past decade, the UK-based firm has become one of the independent game engines that helped democratize the process of creating apps and mobile gaming for the masses.

From games to other mobile apps, AppGameKit has distinguished itself for its ease of use, a platform embraced by hundreds of developers to quickly create games and utility apps that can be coded once, then deployed across all the most popular mobile platforms.

Users can now get a feel for exactly why it's become so popular with The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle, a training and asset bundle that explores all aspects of creating with AppGameKit and exploring the full range of its abilities.

The training begins with AppGameKit: Easy Game Development Platform, an introductory guide into the world of creating in AppGameKit. Even if you've never built a game before, that's ok.  It's all explained in this no-experienced-required environment — with the platform itself doing a lot of your coding heavy lifting for you. Whether you want to run your games on Android or iOS devices, Windows, Linux, or even the Raspberry Pi, this training can make it happen and show users why AppGameKit is a dream spot for cross-platform development and optimization.

Rapidly coding and deploying apps is a start, but to truly make your work stand apart, additional training focuses in on the look and added dimensionality of your games. With AppGameKit: Visual Editor, users learn to easily design game scenes with AppGameKit's streamlined drag and drop tool to seamlessly position, scale, and rotate objects in your projects. 

Meanwhile, AppGameKit VR explains how to bring virtual reality functionality to your AppGameKit projects, integrating leap motion-support, headset detection, and more features that bring the immersion of VR to your work and elevate your games to the next level.

The package also offers a rare insight into the game creation process, including a pair of game packs featuring 28 games with full source codes so you can not only play the games but understand how they were built. You'll also get a large asset pack with more than 500 royalty-free sprites, sprite sheets, and sprite construction sets to create over 2,000 individual sprites; and a 3D asset pack with more than 250 low-polygon 3D models to use in your projects.

A nearly $200 value, this complete guide to using and creating in AppGamekit is on sale now for only $29.99, 84 percent off the regular price.