Learn how to utilize Amazon's FBA services with these training classes

Even though it feels like Amazon is a singular retail juggernaut crushing everybody else, you might be surprised to learn that half of Amazon's $280 billion in revenue last year came from third-party sellers.

According to numbers compiled by JungleScout, 86 percent of Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers were profitable last year, more than doubling the profitability rate for all small businesses in general in 2019. On top of that, two-thirds of FBA sellers said they were profitable in their first year.

And that was before our new pandemic-tinged economy shifted even more toward online retail outlets. If you want to start a business and make sure you're among those happy etailers, then training like that found in The Complete 2020 Fulfillment By Amazon Mastery Bundle can help make sure you end up in that profit-rich group.

The bundle includes four courses, all dedicated to helping you get a thriving, revenue-generating business off the ground utilizing all the resources of Amazon's FBA program.

It all starts with The Complete Amazon FBA Masterclass, a practical training session that promises to help you get your own FBA business up and running in a matter of hours. The beginner-friendly training covers all the basics for working in the FBA system, from choosing the right products to setting up your supply chain to branding and marketing. You'll also get access to all the secret hacks FBA vets use to drive traffic to your storefront and goose sales.

In case settling on the product you want to sell is a problem, the Amazon FBA and eBay: 33 Hot Product Sourcing Strategies course can help. This training covers the nearly three-dozen products you should consider as well as some little known automated tools for getting your inventory at the best possible prices.

One of the top approaches to spiking sales is to create your own private label products, and with the Launch Your First Private Label Product Using Amazon FBA course, you'll learn all the right moves for starting and growing that boutique line.

Of course, if you don't want the hassle of private labeling, the Source and Sell on Amazon FBA by Leveraging on Established Listings training is a way around that, offering methods to leverage high sales volume listings and source inventory for sale, all without posting Amazon listings of your own.

It's almost 19 hours of in-depth training in all, all available now for less than $8 per course, just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.


The Complete 2020 Fulfillment By Amazon Mastery Bundle – $29.99

Be an FBA star for $29.99