Apartment complex employee suspended for barring black residents from swimming pool

A black woman posted a video on Twitter showing her interaction with an apartment complex employee in Knoxville, Tennessee who would not allow her to enter the community swimming pool, even though the employee was allowing white people to enter without challenging them. The Root reports that the employee has since been suspended:

When asked by the black woman why she thinks she doesn't live there and why white residents are being let in without question, Swimming Pool Sarah reached all the way to the peak of Mount Caucasity for a response and said, "I know everybody that lives here."

"You don't know everybody that lives here just because you live here," @royaal_e responds. "Just because you don't remember me doesn't mean that I don't live here. That's very rude of you to just assume that I don't live here."

Pigeon-lip Peggy responds, "I do know everybody. Bitch, you haven't even come in and done your paperwork, right?"

The next day, Knox Ridge posted an acknowledgment of the incident to its Twitter account.

"Knox Ridge is aware of the incident that occurred [yesterday] involving a staff member and resident," the statement reads. "We have placed the employee on disciplinary leave while we review this matter further. As a community, we have absolutely no tolerance for discrimination – inadvertent or otherwise. We intend to revisit our training program for all staff, in order to do our part to prevent situations like this happening in the future. Our top priority is ensuring our residents feel at home and welcome."

Screenshot: @royaal_e (Twitter)