Apartment complex employee suspended for barring black residents from swimming pool

A black woman posted a video on Twitter showing her interaction with an apartment complex employee in Knoxville, Tennessee who would not allow her to enter the community swimming pool, even though the employee was allowing white people to enter without challenging them. The Root reports that the employee has since been suspended:

When asked by the black woman why she thinks she doesn’t live there and why white residents are being let in without question, Swimming Pool Sarah reached all the way to the peak of Mount Caucasity for a response and said, “I know everybody that lives here.”

“You don’t know everybody that lives here just because you live here,” @royaal_e responds. “Just because you don’t remember me doesn’t mean that I don’t live here. That’s very rude of you to just assume that I don’t live here.”

Pigeon-lip Peggy responds, “I do know everybody. Bitch, you haven’t even come in and done your paperwork, right?”


The next day, Knox Ridge posted an acknowledgment of the incident to its Twitter account.

“Knox Ridge is aware of the incident that occurred [yesterday] involving a staff member and resident,” the statement reads. “We have placed the employee on disciplinary leave while we review this matter further. As a community, we have absolutely no tolerance for discrimination – inadvertent or otherwise. We intend to revisit our training program for all staff, in order to do our part to prevent situations like this happening in the future.

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White lawyer who spat on black high schooler charged with hate crime

Stephanie Rapkin, the Wisconsin attorney who was recorded spitting on a 17-year-old at an anti-racism rally in Milwaukee was charged with a hate crime, reports AP.

From AP:

According to the criminal complaint, Rapkin told an investigating officer she was a cancer survivor and felt threatened because she was surrounded by protesters who were not wearing coronavirus protective masks. Video shows Rapkin did not wear a mask.

Shorewood police went to Rapkin’s home the following day in response to an altercation. She resisted arrest and kneed one officer in the groin, the complaint said.

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Racist Karen screams at woman exercising in park: 'This is not your home! We do not want you here!'

A racist Karen goes ballistic when she sees a woman exercising on some park stairs in Torrance, California. Part of her long tirade: "This is not just for you! Get the fuck out of this state! Go back to whatever Asian country you belong in!"

From ABC7:

The incident, which was captured on video, happened Wednesday morning in Torrance's Wilson park.

It was reported to city officials and the Torrance mayor said police were investigating and "Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated."

The incident began as a woman was filming her workout in the park.

She was exercising on a set of steps at the park when the other woman walked by and apparently bumped her. "Jesus," the exercising woman muttered. That was enough to set off the older woman, who then started on a tirade that lasted for several minutes...

Her friend who tweeted video of the incident wrote: "My friend was threatened in Wilson Park in Torrance, California today while she was working out in a public park by a Karen. She now does not feel safe to exercise in the park because of this. This is infuriating."

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey said the city is aware of the incident and police are investigating.

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Venture Kapitalist Karen loses his lease after complaining that black men were in an office building gym

Tom Austin, AKA "Venture Kapitalist Karen," had his office lease terminated after a video showed him calling the building manager to complain about a group of black men in the office gym.

From The Hill:

The incident comes just days after a video of a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd until he died of asphyxiation went viral. The death of Floyd, an African American man, led to massive protests in the city and calls for an investigation into the officers' behavior.

Stuart Ackerberg, CEO of Ackerberg Group, which owns the MoZaic East building, said he was still heartbroken from seeing the video of Floyd when he decided to terminate the lease.

“My heart hurts,” he told the Tribune. “This is not how we do business. ... I’m alarmed by what I saw.”

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White venture capitalist sees black men in shared office building gym, calls 911


View this post on Instagram


Normally we don’t speak out about encounters of racial profiling and age discrimination that we face day to day in our lives as young black entrepreneurs. Although today May 26th 2020 7:51pm we encountered a situation where a man entered the facility, a shared private gym that we utilize in our @wework @mozaic_east office located in uptown Minnesota. Granted we’ve been in this office space and have rented and grown our business for the past 1 year and half here. As we were working out this man approached and immediately asked us who we were and if “WE BELONG” in this building. Granted in order to enter the building you NEED a key card to enter EVERY part of the building which EACH of our team members individually have. We all pay rent here and this man demanded that we show him our key cards or he will call the cops on us. We are sick and tired of tolerating this type of behavior on a day to day basis and we feel that we had to bring light onto this situation.

A post shared by Top Figure 🛩 (@teamtopfigure) on May 26, 2020 at 8:33pm PDT

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Karen who can't believe she has to wear a mask to enter a supermarket confronts store manager

A woman who called herself Shelley Lewis acted rude and arrogant toward Gelson's supermarket employees when they refused to let her into the store without a face mask. She claimed to have a health condition that prevented her from wearing a mask, and told the Gelson's manager that she was being discriminated against. It's perfect that this took place in the affluent town of Dana Point, California.

From Heavy:

After posting the video, Lewis received backlash online and the video started trending on Twitter. Since the video became viral, Lewis deleted the video off her Facebook page and deactivated her account.

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