EXP TV has a huge lineup of retro found footage


Chewbacca frolicking with Japanese toddlers and other delights await at EXP TV, a curated stream of found VHS footage, Star Wars rarities and other visual delights.

Via Happy:

EXP TV is a 24/7 stream of ephemeral found footage and mixtapes that we have been blessed with during the time of the world pandemic. So whether you're sick of the tiresome YouTube scroll or can never decide what to watch on Netflix, EXP is here to take the monotony out of such choices and reward you with some offbeat clips to get you through isolation, broaden your horizons, and stimulate yo' senses.

Shows include Bollyweird, Incredibly Strange Metal, Czech Your Head, and other evocative programming. Head to their site or YouTube channel. Get into it!

EXP TV (via Happy)