Develop your green thumb with these cool home gardening aids 

This may sound a bit odd coming from such a tech-heavy haven as Boing Boing, but…have you ever thought about gardening?

Don't laugh. The groundedness and feeling of accomplishment that comes from growing something that you planted is powerful, particularly in our current situation. There's a natural beauty in watching another living thing find purchase and grow that just might help you overlook some of the darkness and uncertainty we all now face.

To help get you started, we assembled a handful of gardening, garden and garden-adjacent items that might just aid the flowering of a new hobby. And of course, they're all at a nice discount off their regular prices because…well, we'll never not enjoy a good deal.

The Combined Urban and Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle – $19.99; originally $198

If you're going to garden, then learn to do it right with this two-course bundle. First, Zen Gardening will give you all the basics on how to create your own zen garden to reduce stress, improve your focus, and develop a sense of well-being. Then, Urban Gardening explains planting and maintenance tips for gardens crafted to help provide great foods in tiny urbanized spaces.

Solar Powered Firefly LED Light String – $17.95; originally $89

You can certainly liven up your outdoor garden area with this string of 20 LED firefly bulbs. Powered by solar energy, they actually look like they're flying as they shine their warm yellow, bright white or even multicolored light bursts all over your yard.

Multi-Function Folding Emergency Shovel – $22.99; originally $59

From digging a hole for a new plant to a camping mainstay to even an emergency dugout tool during the winter months, this folding shovel that comes with its own carrying bag could be just the lifesaving item you need at the right time.

Erice Floating Pot (US Plug) – $99.95; originally $135

Yep, your plants will actually hang in midair. Equipped with maglev technology, this pot floats and spins magically above the base, offering a taste of both ancient fauna life and ultra-modern space science in one happily levitating little houseplant.

Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden – $32.95; originally $40

Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden (Medium/ 2 Planters) – $42.95; originally $50

Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden (Large/ 3 Planters) – $49.95; originally $60

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without any soil — and this ultra-cool planter puts the entire process on full display. Perfect for a desk or countertop, this rustic, yet modern wood frame planter and glass vase allows plant roots to absorb water and nutrients right in front of your eyes as your plant grows daily. Whether you've got room for one plant, a pair or maybe even a three-strong desktop garden, you can watch nature's magic happen — all without needing to water or fertilize a thing.

AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden – $137.99; originally $159

AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden (8-Gallon) – $147.99; originally $169

AquaSprouts Garden – $159.99; originally $179

Fish and plants present their own perfect circle of life — and these AquaSprouts creations put that symbiotic relationship on full display. Whether it's the 6-or-8 gallon standalone gardens or one that sits atop an aquarium, these gardens draw on nutrients from fish waste to grow plants on top, while the plants constantly purify the water for the fish. Once it's in motion, aquaponics requires few water changes, no filters or fertilizers and just a little bit of fish food and love to keep an entire ecosystem in perfect balance. 

Prices are subject to change.