This devastating video encapsulates the Trump/GOP horror show in 3 minutes

A Boing Boing reader said this video by Juice Media is better than what The Lincoln Project is doing. I agree — it's scarier and more entertaining than the Lincoln Project's videos. However, I think Juice Media's videos and the Lincoln Project videos are geared toward different audiences. The video above is designed to convert unlikely voters into Biden voters, while the Lincoln Project videos are for an audience of one, with a goal to demoralize and destabilize him.

Juice media is an Australian organization, and here's what they had to say about this video:

We've had so many Americans begging us to make an Honest Government Ad for their government. So we decided to give it a go. I hope we did your shit government justice. It almost makes ours feel benign by comparison. Despite the levity, we're genuinely concerned about what's happening in your country and we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I hope this doesn't come across as "FoReIgN InTeRfeReNcE!" If it does, well… let's call it even… the US Government has been interfering with our shit here ever since 1975, when it helped to oust our Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. But on a more serious note: even though we're all the way down here in Australia, the result of this election will impact everyone on earth. In terms of climate action alone, this could be the most important election of our lifetimes. So I figure it's one of those all hands on deck, let's lend a hand to our friends in the USA – kind of thing. Thanks to JamesFromTheInternet who contributed writing to this episode. It's awesome to collaborate with a local from the US and I hope we'll be able to bring you more of these together. I'll include some sources and references in the video description for those who want them.