This dual Bluetooth speaker set is twice the power at less than half the price

It's easy to be instantly dismissive about most Bluetooth speakers, especially small travel-sized units. Over the past few years, makers of every shape, size, and variety have started pounding out Bluetooth speakers, many barely able to sound much better than your smartphone speaker, let alone provide the bass and volume heft of legitimate portable speakers from name brands like Bose or Sony.

But buyers of the Earhoox Dual Bluetooth Speaker Set are usually so charmed by this cute little tandem that they don't even realize the quality of this package until it's blazing away on their favorite tracks.

And yes, this set includes two speakers, a pair of sound pumpers both equipped to trade-off solos and split the workload that can send lowlier speakers running. Crafted from brushed metal, PU leather and other premium materials, these six-inch powerhouses don't look or feel like anything less than top-quality audio equipment.

Of course, it's only after they're synced to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device that their true colors really come to the surface. Each built around a formidable double magnetic 16 core speaker with bottom passive vibration film design and enhanced bass capabilities, these units each come together to deliver their parts in a great surround sound tag team. While most portable Bluetooth speakers strain to deliver the full depth of the music, these two are perfectly synchronized partners, pounding out dynamic stereo audio separated as it should be.

With 3 watts of power and 80dB intensity, these speakers have enough juice to be serving up your music while sitting on a desk, or hanging from the handlebars of your bike while trucking through the great outdoors. 

With the Earhoox Dual Bluetooth Speaker Set routinely selling at its retail price of $69, now's the time to load up on performance by getting both speakers now at almost two-thirds off. It's on sale now for only $24.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Dual Bluetooth Speaker Set – $24.99

Rock out for $24.99