An adjustable cutlery tray is going to sort out one of my biggest RV kitchen beefs

For the five years that my wife and I have traveled around North America in our 40' motorhome, I've been throwing all of our cutlery, unorganized, into a single drawer, like some kind of animal.

It's not that I don't want to find a fork when I need one. The drawers you'll find in most motorhomes and trailers are small. The sorts of cutlery trays y'all use at home typically won't fit into them. In the past, I've considered building an organizer into the drawer we use for cutlery. It didn't happen in the end: Just because you want to keep your knives and absinthe spoon in a drawer now, doesn't mean the storage space won't be used for something else down the road, later.

After years of looking for a solution, I finally came across this adjustable cutlery tray on Amazon. Problem soved.