Small town newspaper obituary for COVID-19 victim blames Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and covidiots everywhere

On July 22, Marion County, Texas resident David W. Nagy, 79 died of COVID-19. His wife Stacey Nagy wrote an obituary for her husband that ran in the Jefferson Jimplecute newspaper. The newspaper has no Web site but someone snapped the photo above and it went viral. While some have questioned its authenticity, Snopes confirms that it's all too real. From Snopes:

[Stacey] Nagy said she has seen a lot people around her town failing to wear face masks, from drugstore employees to deputies at the Marion County Sheriff's Department, even though Marion County is now under Abbott's mask mandate.

"It gets me so angry that people are aren't taking this seriously," Nagy told us by phone. "The people who are dying are the older people especially — a lot of younger people are dying too — but it's almost like they're saying, 'Who cares about the older people?' I've been with my husband for 20 years and all of a sudden he's gone. People should know how this makes others feel."

She also expressed anger that the pandemic has been politicized. "It's not political," she said. "It's life and death.[…]"

"I miss my husband dearly," Nagy told us. "I'm taking one day at a time to just try to keep going. When I wrote that thing it was because of him. I don't want his death just to disappear. I wrote that and partially, it keeps him alive for me."