This training package can help teach you to run networks like a professional programmer

With more and more companies moving all their operations into the cloud, the need has never been greater for those with the skills to map exactly how an organization reconstitutes itself in that new environment.

Network architects responsible for determining all the communication, storage, and infrastructure needs of an expansive organization are among the most sought-after pros in computer science today, bringing home salaries of over $135,000 a year in many cases.

The journey to a role like that can begin with training like the knowledge found in The Complete Computer Networking eBook and Video Course Bundle

The collection is your very own computer networking reference library, including five ebooks and five videos covering over 14 hours of content on a truckload of critical topics, including DevOps, programming, AWS, CCNA, and more.

For every important decision about how to administer a network, there are a dozen different paths to a solution — and this training takes that into account, examining several of the most popular tools for managing and growing a busy network.

The ebooks start you off with a smattering of training from across the discipline. Want to know how to run a Linux network? The Hands-On Linux for Architects ebook has everything you need. Maybe you're doing all of your coding in the C programming language — in which case Hands-On Network Programming with C explains utilizing network sockets, implementing internet protocols, designing IoT devices, and more with C. Or the AWS Certified Advanced Networking: Specialty Exam Guide can help you develop technical skills and expertise to automate AWS networking tasks and advanced skill sets to build effective AWS networking solutions of your own.

There's even a CCNA Cyber Ops SECOPS: Certification Guide 210-255 ebook to develop your cybersecurity knowledge on your way to CCNA Cyber Ops certification for covering real-world cybersecurity skills such as threat analysis, event correlation, and identifying malicious activity.

The other half of the package features the five video, each sporting at least 90 minutes of content covering more vital networking knowledge, including understanding configurations and implementations with Kubernetes (Hands-On Kubernetes Networking; The Ultimate Kubernetes Bootcamp by School of DevOps), knowing how to deal with traffic with Wireshark (Analyzing Network Traffic with Wireshark 2.6) and a foundation in the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery with Jenkins (Effective Jenkins: Getting Started with Continuous Integration).

This wide-ranging collection usually would run you almost $800, but right now, you can save hundreds and get the complete package for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Complete Computer Networking eBook & Video Course Bundle – $29.99

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