This $40 training is a step-by-step guide to learning Adobe Premiere

You may not realize it, but some of the biggest films in movie history have been edited using the same tools some of you use to cut your video of vacationing at Disney World.

Giant movies from Oscar favorites The Social Network and Gone Girl to blockbusters like Avatar, Deadpool, and last year's Terminator: Dark Fate have all been put together using Adobe Premiere, a video editing mainstay and one of the crown jewels of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps.

In fact, used in tandem with sister apps like After Effects, Spark, and Audition, filmmakers are finding they can achieve virtually any visual technique they can imagine with the same software used by millions every day.

The Complete Adobe Hollywood Filmmaker Bundle is the perfect introduction for those with an interest in shooting and editing their own professional-grade feature or just for those trying to make their kid's Little League game footage as epic as Field of Dreams.

The collection includes five courses, each exploring one of five different Adobe CC apps that can help elevate your video production work.

The training starts with a deep dive into the core of Adobe video editing, Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. Even first-timers will get a thorough understanding of everything Premiere can do as students are guided through the process of starting a project, importing and organizing footage, basic editing, color correction, compositing, graphic creation, and more with expert level precision.

With Adobe After Effects 2020, learners get a crash course in how to add those how-did-they-do-that special effects and animations that make any video look like it had a million-dollar budget. Students get a feel for the After Effects interface, then start animating text and objects, distorting elements, compositing images, and more.

Video can have flaws, but bad sound immediately sends an audience for the exit, so the Adobe Audition Course takes users into the world of sound editing and mixing. As they learn everything from multitrack editing to sound restoration, students get experience creating soundscapes perfect for video or even music or podcasts.

Of course, not everything needs the attention to detail of a Martin Scorsese production. With Adobe Premium Rush, you'll get familiar with Adobe's down-and-dirty social media video editor. Here, students learn expedited methods for editing, enhancing, and exporting videos quickly and easily for immediate posting to the web.

Finally, Adobe Spark simplifies the social media content creation even further, offering pre-made templates to craft video as well as images and text posts that look great without requiring loads of media creation or design experience.

A nearly $500 value, this package is on sale now for pennies on the dollar, only $39.99, a savings of over 90 percent off.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Complete Adobe Hollywood Filmmaker Bundle – $39.99

Edit like a pro for $39.99