This temporary tattoo printer is even easier than those wet-and-press ones but so much cooler

If you're a big fan of ink, but not such a big fan of the forever side to tattoo body art or the pain, the Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer might just be your favorite creation of the century.

Winner of 2020 Red Dot and If Design awards, the Prinker S is kind of like those temporary tattoos you used to get in a Crackerjack box…only even easier and much, much cooler.

With the Prinker app on your smartphone, you can choose from over 5,000 unique tattoo designs, including everything from shapes to cartoon characters to eye-catching designs of every kind. Or you can even upload or sketch your own individual tattoo art right into the database. 

Once you've sprayed a quick skin primer over the area and downloaded the chosen design to the printer, just sweep the printer over your body — and within three seconds, your full-color tattoo is painlessly applied.

The FDA-compliant cosmetic ink is completely safe, non-toxic, waterproof, kid-friendly, and lasts up to two days, even though you can wash it off with a little soap and water.

From parties to sporting events to music festivals, from sleepovers to bridal showers and beyond, the Prinker S is a fun, non-invasive way of decorating yourself — without having to worry about work tomorrow or what your mom will say!

Right now, you can get a Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer with black ink only for $259.99, a $20 savings. Or you can get the complete set of colored ink for full-color tattoos for just $379.99, a savings of almost $70.

Prices are subject to change.

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Prinker® S Temporary Tattoo Printer with Black Ink – $259.99

Watch it all come to life for $259.99