Brush up on the physics lessons you learned in high school with this $10 training class

Physics may have been that class you sleepwalked your way through in high school. But while it might have just slipped under your radar throughout your academic career, you probably shouldn't have given it such shallow attention.

Sure, we could focus on the immediate pluses of a career as a physicist, like the more than respectable salaries. Or the utility of a degree in physics for segueing into a variety of related fields, like statistics, math, health care, engineering, finance and the always hot computer science.

But more importantly, physics is the study of how the universe really works. It answers all the big cosmic questions that inquisitive youngsters ask every day. Shouldn't that be knowledge every human would want? Now, you can get back to the search for universal truths with this comprehensive Fundamentals of Physics course.

Your guide through these dozens of lectures covering more than five hours of content is popular online instructor Leon Petrou, who takes an easy-to-understand, step by step approach to explaining the principles of physics that everyone can wrap their minds around.

The course first explores the core concepts of physics formulas by learning how they were derived from calculus before moving into major fields of study like motion, forces and equilibrium, work and energy, and more.

Through this core basics, you'll get a deeper understanding of primal universal forces and how they impact how everything in our universe operates. If you ever wondered about all those major childhood questions like why the sky is blue, who planets rotate or how climate change happens, the answers can all be found and understood through physics.

But this course isn't just about unlocking formulas and memorizing facts. This course is also keyed on sharpening your analytical skills, forming your thinking so you'll know the right questions to ask and steps to take you help answer the toughest problems, in physics and in life.

 This in-depth course regularly retails for $195, but right now, it's available for just $9.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Fundamentals of Physics – $9.99

Understand the universe for $9.99