Make your own sourdough bread, bagels, baguettes and croissants with this easy-to-follow course

Sourdough bread and its unique allure date back at least 3,500 years to the ancient Egyptians. Of course, nobody knows exactly when someone first let ground-up grain, liquid, and the open air meet to cultivate wild yeasts that give sourdough its one-of-a-kind taste. But for literally thousands of years, bakers and pastry chefs have been marveling at the strange alchemy and crafting culinary treats that make even carb-haters' mouths water.

You can join this proud heritage of foodie trailblazers and start creating fantastic sourdough breads of your own with the secrets found in the Achieve Sourdough Baking Mastery: Artisan Bread and Pastry Course

Your sherpa to sourdough nirvana is an unlikely guru: 19-year-old Maureau Dauboin. But don't let the tender age fool you. Born in France, the teen threw himself into the sourdough hobby and through trial and error, mastered the craft of artisan baking. Now the owner of his own Yeastie Bois Bakery, Dauboin is now imparting the tricks he learned to help others recreate some of the finest bread and pastry recipes anywhere.

Over nearly four-dozen lectures, even those who have never done much baking before will be able to get started easily. After following the steps to create your own sustainable sourdough starter from scratch, you'll have a foundation that'll get you off and running.  

The training guides students through creating everything from beginner breads to advanced pastries, from bagels and ryes to rustic baguettes and croissants, each presented with concise, easy-to-follow instructions. It took Dauboin countless hours of experimentation, tweaking and practice to come by his process, but with this course, you'll have the direction to knock your sourdough recipes out of the park every time.

The course also comes with a free ebook/PDF that includes all of the recipes and instructions for easy reference once you're elbow-deep in sourdough creation. 

Originally a $199 training course, you can become your own sourdough master now at a big savings off the regular price, only $15.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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