The Queen of England frigging loves Flash Gordon

Say what you will about the British Royal Family, but Queen Elizabeth II has excellent taste in movies.

In a recent article published by The Guardian, Brian Blessed, actor and goddamn international treasure, is said to have stated that The Queen's favorite movie is the 1980 sci-fi touchstone, Flash Gordon. In the film, in Blessed played the pivitol role of Prince Vultan.

From The Guardian:

"Everywhere I go, they all want me to say 'Gordon's alive!'," said Blessed. "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, horses and queens, and prime ministers, they all want me to say 'Gordon's alive!', it's their favourite film."

He continued: "The Queen, it's her favourite film, she watches it with her grandchildren every Christmas."

The actor then assumed the Queen's accent, quoting her as saying: "You know, we watch Flash Gordon all the time, me and the grandchildren. And if you don't mind, I've got the grandchildren here, would you mind saying 'Gordon's alive'?"

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of someone who puts on a stern, steady face for the public, wasting a few hours with an exceptional B-movie whilst digging into a packet of Jacob's Mini Cheddars with her grandkids.

Image via Wikipedia Commons