Comatose Alexei Navalny loaded on plane to Germany, medical evacuation delayed 2 days by Russia

The human being inside the pod in this photo is Alexei Navalny, opposition leader, journalist, and prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The photo was taken by Navalny spokesperson Kira Yarmysh, and is used with her consent.

Mr. Navalny is in a coma, and is being loaded on to the plane that will fly him to Germany, where he will receive medical attention after an apparent poisoning two days ago.

He is bound for the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Russian medical officials in Omsk delayed the release of Navalny to independent foreign medical experts for two days, and deny that he was poisoned.

And below, a defiant tweet tonight from Ivan Zhdanov, director of Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation director: "Our work continues."