Elevate your at-home bartending skills with these 20 fantastic items

One of these days, it might be ok again to have friends over. When that day comes, you'll probably want to let the drinks flow. In that case, it might not be a bad idea to have a few new tricks to liven up your mixology game. You can't just come back from months and months stuck in the house without at least one flashy new move to show off for your friends, right?

Whether it's the right accessories, a decanter addition or some exotic, original new tastes, these 20 items should include something that'll liven up your next get-together.

The Basics

The Mixologist & Budding Bartender Bundle – $29.99; originally $449

If your bar skills and knowledge are sorely lacking, this nine-course collection is the place to start. Taught by author, entrepreneur, renowned mixologist and certified sommelier Carlos Batista, this collection offers explorations in preparing and serving gin, whiskey, brandy, vodka, sake, rum, tequila and a massive variety of wines and other spirits.

Bartender's Choice 4-Piece French Cocktail Shaker Set – $33.99; originally $41

Any craftsman needs the right tools, so this four-piece cocktail shaker, Hawthorne strainer and dual-sided Japanese jigger set can be trusty sidekicks to a host of wild bartending adventures. All made from heavy-gauge durable stainless steel, you'll also get tips and a recipe card that'll have you dabbling in new techniques and whipping up all kinds of new concoctions.

10-Piece Mini Cocktail Bar Set – $65; originally $75

From amateurs to pros, this stylish 10-piece mixology toolkit has everybody covered. All the essential stainless steel accessories are included for mixing cocktails, including a shaker, bottle stopper, strainer, measuring cup, cocktail muddler and more, all housed in an eye-catching, sustainably-designed bamboo holder.

Cantaritos Cocktail Kit – $31.99; originally $35

If you've got the juices and tequila, this kit offers up everything else you need to whip up famous Mexican cantaritos cocktails with all the authenticity of a true Mexican street fair. Along with a hand juicer, paper straws and chili salt, you get a pair of terracotta clay cups that don't just keep your cantaritos cold, but the handmade cups are the added touch to make the experience truly special. 

INFUSE: Tequila and Mezcal Infusion Kit – $78.99; originally $98

With everybody loving tequila and its close relative mezcal, this wide-top decanter and set of four wide-mouthed glass jicara tasting cups are perfect for infusing your own flavors into the liquor. From strawberries and grapefruit to peppers and mint, this collection gives you just the equipment to experiment with a wide range of infusion options.

CaliFino Blanco 100% Ultra Premium Blue Weber Agave Tequila – $32.99; originally $35

If you're going to make cantaritos or infusions, you need a quality tequila as your starting point. The sweet agave taste and scent of this CaliFino tequila sourced from the highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico, and aged in oak barrels for over two years is just the base you're looking for to truly enjoy your tequila properly.

Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit – $45.95

Homebrewing is the cornerstone of almost any mixologist's trade these days — and this set includes all the equipment to brew up your own Oktoberfest style ale right at home. Even with the world's biggest beer celebration canceled this year, this full-bodied, malty beer based in the traditional Oktoberfest style will bring a touch of Bavaria right to you, no matter when you start mixing ingredients.

Alkemista Bar Bundle: Infusion Vessel & Packets – $79.99; originally $100

If it's good enough for your tequila, don't let your whiskey go infusionless either with this elegant glass infusion vessel with an ultra-fine stainless steel filter that gently introduces the flavors and aromas of fruits, spices, herbs, and botanicals into your spirits. You'll also get three different flavor packets to try out a whole collection of fun, unique tastes.

Artisan Citrus Juicer – $81; originally $90

If you're going to a prime drinking experience, canned juice won't cut it. This handmade juicer only requires a bit of elbow grease to get freshly squeezed juices for all of your cocktails, while the strainer separately catches all the extra seeds and pulp. Even if you just want to use it for some right-from-the-tree OJ every morning, it's a great kitchen addition.


$50 to Saucey Liquor Delivery – $34.99; originally $50

Saucey is like GrubHub — only for alcohol. If you live in one of their service areas, just order up from their vast menu of wine, liquor, beer and snack options, then they'll coordinate with your local liquor store to get everything delivered right to your door in 30 minutes. With this coupon, you basically save $15 off your first order.

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles – $93.99; originally $155

Winc created and curated over a hundred different wines — and they want to hook you up with the ones you'll like best. Take their Palate Profile Quiz, find out your personalized bottle recommendations, then receive a 12-pack of wine varietals from Winc sent right to you at 40 percent off their regular price.

World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine – $162; originally $324

With worldwide travel on the backburner for now, this package brings 16 premium international wines from Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, France, California, and more right to you instead. With the current deal, you also get half off the entire package, meaning you get 16 of the world's best wines for about $10 per bottle.


Eravino 100% Mouth Blown Crystal Wine Decanter – $29.99; originally $69

Decanting your wine exposes the entire bottle to air, opening up all of its rich aromas and flavors — and this handmade crystal glass decanter will hold your entire standard-size 750ml bottle of wine. The wide base allows for swirling to unlock even more richness from this gorgeous table centerpiece.

1L Lab-Grade Wine/Spirit Decanter – $30.99; originally $38

Lab Series Bundle: Lab Decanter, Lab Jigger, & Mixing Beaker – $62.99; originally $78

Made with borosilicate glass, this lab inspired decanter by Ethan+Ashe isn't just an elegant showcase. It also features an airtight, polished stainless steel top that improves your pour and keeps your wine fresher longer. 

You can get the decanter on its own — or you can complete the set by including the 2-ounce lab jigger as well as the mixing beaker with easy-to-read measurements in millimeters and ounces to take the guesswork out of batch cocktailing. Plus, if you need to mix some chemicals later, you're all set.

Vagnbys Light Carafe – $47.99; originally $60

How about a show to go with your drinks? This carafe has a soft-glowing LED light nested in the base to cast an unearthly glimmer over your liquor — and actually, the entire table. Made of frosted glass, this carafe also has non-drip pouring, an ice filter, and an airtight stopper. 

Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser – $59.99; originally $79

Pop this Vita Saggia aerator on to your wine bottle and watch as it aerates and pours your wine with the touch of a button. Sediments are all filtered out as the air brings out all the subtle flavors of your vintage and proving once and for all why aeration is essential to truly enjoying a great bottle of wine.

Wine Squirrel Sealing Decanter – $65.99; originally $99

Who says you have to finish a bottle of wine in a single sitting? The Wine Squirrel lets you decant your bottle into the crystal decanter, then uses a unique patented airtight seal to store what's left of your bottle in prime condition for up to weeks after its opening. 

Wake Up Wine Pro S Electronic Decanter – $149.99; originally $299

Regular decanting usually takes hours, even days before proper tasting, but the Wake Up Wine Pro S does it in just minutes. The internal blades slowly start churning your wine into a spinning tornado, opening up the liquid, and activating all the secret smells and tastes trapped inside. The unit even includes a 360-degree omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker to play music while you imbibe.

The Morning After

Cure Hydration Mix: 14-Pack – $15.95; originally $20

The last thing you need after a night of drinking is the next-day hangover, so drinking Cure restores proper hydration to your body up to 3 times faster than water alone to help keep you balanced. This formula has 4 times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, but none of the added sugar or artificial ingredients, so you can drink with a clear head and conscience.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.