Otherworldly "Bubble House" for sale

Forty years ago, architecture student Graham Birchall created an otherworldly "bubble house" design for his senior thesis project. Then Graham did the unthinkable: he built it. Now, the Bubble House in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia is on the market. Here's the listing (no mention of price). From Domain:

While unique in shape, the riverfront property has all the usual homely features with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a four-car garage and workshop, and a round kitchen – designed by a boat builder and carpenter to get all the curves.

It also includes an office, a media room, library, bar and wine cellar – again all round, of course – as well a glass entry tunnel to welcome you into the home, multiple terraces and a golf tee.

"When you walk in, it changes the way you feel," selling agent Helene Shephard of First National Real Estate Action Realty Ipswich said. "It has this energy thatjust calms you and you can have a lot of people in the home without even realising it."