Watch a champion fighter jet AI destroy a human pilot in a flight simulator

DARPA AlphaDogfight Trials is a competition between AI programs in a fighter jet simulator. The final event pits the winning program "Heron" against Air Force F-16 pilot "Banger," and the AI wins with some unexpected moves that humans don't typically make. This is cued up to the finals, but you can watch from the beginning here.


In August 2019, DARPA selected eight technically and organizationally diverse teams to compete in the AlphaDogfight Trials with the purpose to energize and expand a base of researchers and developers applying AI technologies to complex operational problems. The first of three AlphaDogfight Trials competition events was held at JHU/APL in November 2019. Trial #1 was an exhibition match with the opportunity for teams to compete against different APL developed adversary agents and test the simulation environment at scale. Trial #2 held in January 2020, was the first competition where teams were ranked against each other and tested their agents against more challenging adversary agents. Trial #3 is the final competition. Teams will compete against each other in a bracket style competition with the top team advancing to fight against a USAF fighter pilot in a simulated dogfight on Aug. 20.

Image: YouTube / DAR{Atv