United to end widely hated $200 ticket-change fees as desperate plea for you to fly

United Airlines on Sunday released a video saying they've listened to customer complaints and will end their standard $200 fee for changing a ticket for travel within the United States.

"When we hear from customers about where we can improve, getting rid of fees is often the top request," United CEO Scott Kirby said in a video posted Sunday.

Also, starting in January, United will let customers fly standby for free on other flights the same day as their booked flight, reports the Associated Press:

United's move will put pressure on American Airlines and Delta Air Lines to drop their change fees, also $200 on domestic travel. Delta and American said they are waiving change fees for travel affected by the virus through the year's end. Southwest Airlines does not charge change fees, a policy which its CEO says has helped it gain more business.

United said that it eliminated change fees for people who buy a standard or premium economy ticket for U.S. travel.

United also said that it will extend a broad waiver of change fees β€” including for international travel β€” through Dec. 31. Customers who pay the lowest fares, called "basic economy," can also change tickets free because of the extended waiver announced Sunday.

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