"Non-Americans of Reddit, what is your genuine reaction to what's going on in America right now?"

Almost 30,000 people from around the world answered the following question on Reddit: "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is your genuine reaction to what's going on in America right now?" They mostly feel sorry for a country they once had good feelings about. Some select comments, via Digg:

The US always appeared like an older, stronger brother – now it feels like this brother started using meth.

Confusion. It's so bizarre, how is it possible? Followed by empathy. A tonne of empathy.

There isn't a single thing that they can agree on, even basic human rights for people is a topic of discussion. There's way too many idiots for a country that is so far developed

I used to be a fan of the USA. At present for me it's like watching your idol self destructing live on camera. Really sad to see this.

I used to really admire america. The last few years has changed that perception drastically. The blatantly corrupt politics seem to have the whole country in such a tight grip that from the outside it looks like a 3rd world country. Your president is lying constantly and obviously yet he has outspoken followers in the millions who just disregards his lies.

There seems to be no safetynet for the average person at all and you seem to rely on luck to get through your life. "I hope I don't lose my job, if i do i am fucked", "if i get sick i am fucked", "nvm the ambulance, ill call an uber, id rather die than pick up the hospital bill", "oh shit i had a kid, better start saving tens of thousands for college". Y

our police force is ridiculous. People with not even a high school diploma can become cops? Are you serious? Shooting people left and right.

Gun laws are out of control obviously.

Religion also. It plays such a huge role in your society to the point that it actually affects elections. In "the greatest country on earth" in 2020. It is insane.

From Canada: your country is having a serious detrimental effect on ours right now, because morons are importing your politics (left and right). It's not your fault that we're so easily influenced but it's still frustrating.

Also, your country is going to burn after this election, regardless of the result. I honestly hope you avoid a civil war. I've family down there, and typically whatever happens to you heavily effects us. You guys are so polarized right now it's insane. You've gone from slowly solving race problems to making them a billion times worse (and it's spilling over here), anyone that doesn't agree with you is either a Commie or a Nazi (depending on which side of the aisle you're on)

It's fucking insane. My admiration for America has seriously dwindled. I hope you come out of it. I want to admire Canada's big brother again, not be scared of it.

And no I don't blame trump. He's a symptom, not the cause.

It honestly just looks like a reality show. It's really how you'd expect a country like america to be.