Man, 21, busted for posing as 14-year-old and enrolling in high school

In every high school there's always one or two guys who look like they're full-grown adults. Maybe they are! Police in Baldwin County, Georgia arrested Abay Holmes, 21, who had pretended to be a homeless 14-year-old and signed up for high school. WMAZ reported that "a woman in Milledgeville took in Holmes and he was enrolled virtually at Baldwin County High School."

According to police, after a few days "Holmes became 'unruly' and the woman kicked him out of her home. Police were called when he tried to take the laptop with him." Further investigation revealed Holmes's true identity and age. Maybe he was just trying to relive his glory years. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The 21-year-old was reportedly a star football player at a metro Atlanta high school. After graduation, he was recruited to play football at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville.

Authorities have not determined the motive behind Holmes wanting to become a high school student again. The laptop Holmes had been using for virtual school is now back with school officials.

image: Narek75 (CC BY-SA 4.0)