Python and Django can help you build awesome apps and sites faster

With Python programming taking an increasingly large role in all forms of web development, including computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it seems likely that Python's most critical support elements will also start becoming more common knowledge tools as well.

One of the most prominent Python offshoots is Django. And while that name might only conjuring images of Jamie Foxx, its impact on how coders use Python is profound. You can learn all the ins and outs of both Python and Django in The 3 Course Django Developer Certification Bundle.

True to its billing, this three-course collection gathers up more than 14 hours of training to help students understand Django, the web framework written in Python that basically streamlines the programming process to help builders craft new apps much more quickly.

The education begins with Making Websites with Python and Django 3: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide. Even if you've never done any work in Python before, this course can start getting you up to speed, outlining how to maneuver in the Virtualenv virtual environment to working with templates to how to properly debug code. That training is tested as the learning gets practical with exercises like building your own Pig Latin translator and designing a Reddit clone to bring the lessons to life.

The education continues with Making APIs with Django and Python, where the Django REST Framework is explained as well as the process for building APIs for use with Django, allowing two apps to interact with each other.

Finally, Intermediate Django: Forms, Class Based Views and AJAX take the Django training to the next level. Topics included in this course cover PipenV, pre-made authentication views, class-based views, Django forms and more. Meanwhile, it all builds to an ultimate test of Python and Django skills, building a Hall of Fame Vidz website that lets users create personal and shareable Hall of Fame videos on the site.

Separately, each of these three courses would normally run you about $200, but if you get the whole package now, they're each less than $9 a piece at only $25.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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