Learning by doing is at the center of the coursework in the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle

Learning to code is a skill many people realize they should take the time to understand, yet instinctively cringe at the actual prospect of doing. It isn't hard to see why. For its integral place in technology and growth, the thought of plunging into programming with all of its precision and technical mumbo-jumbo can feel intimidating and a little…well, dry.

The best way for many to learn is simply by doing — and while there's much that can be picked up from readings and worksheets, it's a poor substitute for putting fingers on keys and making a website or app do what you want.

Learning by doing is at the center of the coursework in the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle.

Across nine courses, students get hands-on training in some of the most critical aspects of creating for the web. 

Unlike lecture series and uninspired readings, these courses put direct interactive exploration of their concepts front and center. Designed especially for beginners, the training guides you right through each app or tool, giving students ample opportunity to create and see the code in action to truly bring the learning home.

For understanding how to manage and use data, the An Interactive SQL Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to SQL course explains it all. The coursework also offers the chance to work with all the most popular relational database management systems to get a feel for how they all actually work. 

Meanwhile, the An Interactive JavaScript Course for Beginners training does the same for understanding this foundational programming language used to give web pages their interactivity.

And that's just the start. Additional training will help lead learners through topics like using jQuery, PHP, Python, Bootstrap and Java. There are even courses for learning how to craft a website using responsive web design tactics; and The Complete Solidity Smart Contract Guide, offering a full exploration of Solidity, a key skill for anyone interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum platform.

All together, this complete training collection would normally cost you over $100, but with the current deal, the whole package is on sale now for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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