This car mount provides wireless charging to keep you on course during all your trips

In the U.S., 32 states currently have either restrictions or an outright ban on driving with a smartphone in your hand. Whether you're talking, texting or looking up directions, using your phone while you drive is distracted driving — and no matter how skilled you are, it can lead to lapses or even a tragic disaster.

Almost all of those concerns and issues can be dispelled with a simple mount inside of your vehicle. And since this is 2020, it probably wouldn't hurt to get one that could also help you out in other ways…like keeping your energy-siphoning phone from draining itself during your trip.

The Chargeworx Motion-Activated Wireless Charging Car Mount can not only make your smartphone a safe driving tool that won't get you a ticket, but it'll also keep your phone at maximum power to matter how long your journey.

Just attach the Chargeworx to an air vent, your dashboard or your windshield, adjust to your optimal viewing angle and you're ready to go. The snug, secure, non-scratch silicone arms grip your phone securely so you'll always be set to engage in hands-free navigation to your destination.  It even features an infrared motion sensor so you can easily attach and remove your phone with just one hand. 

Meanwhile, the mount is primed to safely deliver 10 watts of wireless charging power to your Qi-compatible device. We all know travel apps like Google Maps or Apple's own Maps feature can be notorious battery hogs, so with your device firmly wrapped in Chargeworx's loving arms, you'll also have a steady supply of juice feeding to your phone, even if you're heading on a multi-hour adventure into parts unknown.

The Chargeworx Charging Car Mount usually retails for $59, but with the current offer, you can get this handy in-car co-pilot for $20 less, just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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