This emergency jumpstarter, flashlight and power bank is a 3-in-1 lifesaver

No, your phone does not qualify as emergency tech. While it's obviously a huge help when you find yourself in a jam, your phone's main utility in the event you're stranded with a dead vehicle or stuck somewhere in the middle of the night is to call somebody for help.

Instead, you should always have access to at least an item or two in your handy collection to help you get yourself out of an unexpected situation. That's where the JumpStart 37,000mWh Portable Vehicle Jump Starter Kit can end up being a serious lifesaver.

A Best of CES Editors Choice winner, the main mission of this device is so clear that they included it twice in the product's name. The JumpStart is ready and able to jump start your car or truck with additional jumper cables or a second vehicle. 

If you're stuck with a dead battery or in the middle of a power outage, the JumpStart has everything you need to get moving again. The intuitive kit with its step-to-step instructions make it easy enough that even non-gearheads can use it safely.

The kit comes with its own set of smart jumper cables, packed with 10 different safety features like audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to make sure you're getting it right. While it's compact enough to fit in a glove box or vehicle truck, it's got some serious juice, capable of powering up everything up to 8-cylinder, 5.0L engines, so you can get most cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV's, and more up and running again.

In addition to its auto-resurrection powers, the JumpStart also features a 330 lumen LED flashlight with a reach of almost 500 feet. It's got high, low, SOS, and strobe modes, so it's always ready to back you up in any outdoor situation. Meanwhile, that massive 37,000mWh power store is also ready to charge up your phones, tablets and other USB-driven devices at 2.4A output. 

Right now, you can get a JumpStart at 25 percent of the regular price by entering the codeword LIMITLESS25 at checkout. That drops your price for this ultra-handy emergency solution to only $149.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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