Patreon CEO Jack Conte reflects on his many, many failures

This video did not get the views it deserved when it went up a few years ago, so Jack Conte recently reuploaded it to his personal channel. He says:

No one talks about the epic failures that we all have. I fail most of the time. As a creator, and as CEO of Patreon, things can't go well all of the time. I wanted to share my epic failures because that is the interesting part of being a creator. The epic failures make up the journey along the way to getting the wins. No one ever talks about the duds, the fails, the things that you think are going to work that disappear into a puff of smoke, so I decided to talk about why nothing works.

A lot of success is just luck, so keep going to increase your odds of getting lucky!

Image: YouTube / JackConteExtras