This portable security cam is super discreet, shots HD quality video, and offers first-rate peace of mind

Surveillance cameras aren't just a luxury anymore. They're practically a necessity. Whether you want to keep an eye on your home or children, secure your business or just make sure your actions are documented correctly, discreet, portable security cameras have never been more accessible or more powerful.

The Tokk C2 Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera is an example of exactly how far portable cams have come as well as their versatility for capturing or even streaming video in virtually any situation.

At just about an inch and a half in diameter, the C2 is about the size of a silver dollar and all but vanishes into its surroundings. Once activated, this portable, ultra-compact WiFi-enabled cam can start producing 720p HD quality video that will give you a crystal clear picture of what's happening.

The cam connects to its own free iOS and Android app, offering you complete control to look in on your cam from virtually anywhere. In addition to the live streaming feed, you can also instantly record video directly to a microSD card. 

The cam also sports a built-in mic, so you can always capture high quality sound along with your video.  

Since you never know when you'll need to check in, the C2 is equipped with stunning night vision capabilities. Whether the cam is in a low light situation or even during full nighttime hours, you'll still be able to stream or record video from this unblinking eye. 

And you've got loads of positioning options as well. The cam magnetically attaches to all metal surfaces, so you slip it on to the magnetic rotating mount or the magnetic pad included with the cam, or just use the also-included stickers to adhere it right where you want it.

Whether you want to use the C2 as a home security camera, as a wearable body cam, or even in your car as a dash camera, the unit can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. That should be enough time to capture the important moments you need to preserve to safeguard yourself, your home or your family.

Regularly $79, the Tokk C2 Discreet Day/Night Vision Cam is now available at almost $15 off, just $64.99 with the current offer.

Prices are subject to change.

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