Watch huge building mechanically walk to its new location

A massive building in Shaghai, China "walked" to its new location using 200 mechanical legs. The timelapse is incredible but in reality it took more than two weeks for the building, an 85-year-old primary school, to rotate 21 degrees and move around 200 feet. Engineers relocated the building to open the area for a new commercial and office complex. From CNN:

The supports act like robotic legs. They're split into two groups which alternately rise up and down, imitating the human stride. Attached sensors help control how the building moves forward, said Lan [Wuji, chief technical supervisor], whose company Shanghai Evolution Shift developed the new technology in 2018[…]

Workers had to first dig around the building to install the 198 mobile supports in the spaces underneath, Lan explained. After the pillars of the building were truncated, the robotic "legs" were then extended upward, lifting the building before moving forward.