Fantasy card-game based on Javascript

Behold "Summon The JSON", a fantasy card-game where the creatures are based on parts of Javascript.

Given that Javascript is regarded by many coders as a particularly monstrous language to begin with, the fact that this game depicts common features of Javascript as bug-eyed creatures makes me giggle unstoppably.

The creator, Tom Smykowski, claims the game "can be played by everyone. You don't need to have any prior programming knowledge to do so." I believe him, though when I ponder myself asking some noncoder friends "hey, want to play a Javascript card game," I tremble to consider their replies. But maybe they'd be super into it! People are weird!

Me, I'm down. Then again, I already kind of like Javascript, with all its mangy, overstuffed-like-a-two-inch-thick-swiss-army-knife uses. It's a mutt of a language and I like mutts; they're survivors.

Interestingly, Smykowski posits that the visual nature of the game would help a programmer more readily memorize the basic features of Javascript. I buy this; science has long known that our memory can be triggered visually (a facet that is at the heart of Josh Foer's terrific Moonwalking with Einstein). Play enough of "Summon The JSON" and maybe eventually you'll find the structure of Javascript's setTimeout comes readily to mind, since you've learned to associate it with a fanged toad.

As Smykowski writes:

According to research, images help stick the information in the long term memory, transmit messages faster, improve comprehension, trigger emotions, motivate learners. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual (source). We remember 80% of what we see, compared to 20% of what we read! (source). That is why STJ: JavaScript intriguing and beautiful illustrations can help you memorize faster. Side-by-side with the fantasy setting and funny descriptions STJ: JavaScript cards are a great combo to help boost your memory! They are eye-catching but also cause emotions – the cornerstone of fast memorization (source).

Anyway, I just ordered a deck!