Rats raid a Chipotle, bite workers

In a brazen attack by desperate New York City rats a Washington Heights Chipotle Mexican restaurant became their best target, eventually forcing this popular food chain to shut down indefinitely. Recent infestations where avocados and other produce were found chewed up by the vermin required the restaurant to put all food items in the refrigerator. Occasionally an employee was bitten and management bravely soldiered on. But after wires to cash registers were gnawed through, rendering them useless, the store had to close.

While many of the employees continued to come in to help clean and eradicate the Upper Manhattan location of its unwanted intruders the rats fought back. Many employees were bitten while battling Remy and his Ratatouille brethren with broom handles and dropping boxes on them, killing dozens.

From the New York Post:

"It really started to take a toll on us," said Melvin Paulino, a three-year veteran at the store who was bitten by a rat last Friday while cleaning. "We're all scared, it's pretty common that some of my co-workers will just start screaming out of the blue and we don't know what's happening.

"It's pure chaos every time a rat appears."

The menacing by these pirating creatures started long before the store shut-down and at least four employees suffered their wrath with bites. Not until the cash registers went down did management take action to pull the plug on the whole enterprise. Sooo, registers more valuable than employees. Got it.