• Sequence of rear-end collisions causes tanker to gush a brown liquid onto pavement

    In this video, a nincompoop driving too fast slams into the back of a vehicle driving too slow. The nincompoop somehow had enough time to futilely flash their lights just before impact. Also, it seems a little strange to have a rear-mounted camera always documenting everything behind you while you drive, but I suppose things are trending that way, especially in Russia, where this might be.

    The brown liquid spewing out of the yellow tanker is when things went from bad to much, much worse. That flood of brown could be a lot of things but we all whimsically want it to be some kind of chocolate product like the one that spilled over a Polish highway in 2018. There is also the possibility that it's something putrid and wretched however. Raw waste comes to mind, the kind that a truck like this vacuums out of port-a-potties with that big orange hose. I am choosing it to be a torrent of mocha latte that was on its way to a pleasant hamlet tucked away in a valley of clover.

  • Melania a no-show at Trump's 75th birthday event

    The former disgraced Boob-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, had "Happy Birthday" sung to him by Herschel Walker, Indiana congressman Jim Banks, Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert and others at Trump's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey to celebrate his 75th birthday.

    Seemingly, a 75th birthday would be a significant milestone, but maybe less so when those closest to you fail to attend. In Trump's case that would be Melania Trump.

    The former First Lady, accomplisher-of-nearly-nothing and 3rd wife likely had better things to do.

    via Yahoo!:

    Even though ex-wife Ivana Trump revealed to People that "Donald hates his birthdays," it was a milestone year for the former president. But maybe we shouldn't be surprised that Melania wasn't in attendance because she always "keeps her own schedule and leads her own life," a source told the entertainment magazine. She did that at the start of his administration when she and son Barron remained in New York City so he could finish out the school year before they moved to Washington, D.C. And while Donald has moved to New Jersey for the summer to escape the Florida heat, "everything in life that Melania likes is in Palm Beach," according to the Trump insider.

    Don Jr. was in attendance for his father's birthday song, with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Junior Trump also Tweeted Senior Trump a happy birthday, which seeing as Senior has been kicked off of Twitter, will likely never be read by him.

  • Gigantic "beer snake" slithers through stands at Wrigley Field

    As the Chicago Cubs enjoyed a weekend of baseball at a re-energized full capacity Wrigley Field as of Friday, a lot of beer would be expected to be drunk, and drunk it was. At Sunday's game this section of spectators elevated their revelry in a very creative way. By linking all those beer cups together you get…voila! Beer snake. Beer snake slithered through the seats and people to catch the eye of an ESPN camera operator.

    The beer snake on Sunday was a celebratory mascot for the Cubs as they beat the Cardinals from St. Louis for the 3rd straight time this weekend, earning a sweep over their arch rivals.

  • "Magnetized" nurse's demonstration of metal key sticking to her because of vaccine backfires

    Just because someone has a medical degree does not preclude them from certain displays or statements of lunacy. Please recall disgraced former President Trump's physician, Harold Bornstein, may he rest in peace, once said this of the bloated and oft-delusional POTUS, "His health is excellent, especially his mental health." So, it is certainly possible that when anti-vaxxer Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, asserted for the Ohio House Health Committee, that vaccines can cause metallic objects to stick to one's head we have a case of someone with a medical degree being either bananas or manipulative. A batty anti-vaccine nurse in Ohio is also an unfortunate reality.

    On Tuesday RN Joanna Overholt attempted to demonstrate to the same Ohio House Health Committee, Dr. Tenpenny's testimony, that magnetic crystals in vaccines cause metallic objects to magnetically stick to the vaccinated. In her best Magneto feat of magnetism she pasted an aluminum key to her chest. Oh my God, guys. It stuck. No surprise here, the lightweight aluminum key will easily stick to a person's skin due to the natural body oil, sebum, that we all secrete. Also, aluminum is not a magnetic metal, so… Then, she put the key on the side of her neck–less sebum and steeper angle than her sloping chest– and the key fell immediately. But then she got a bobby pin, which is less than a gram in weight, to stick to her neck for a split second. Wow. "Any questions?" she asked with a deranged smugness.

    Yes. So, so many questions, Nurse Overholt.

    Fortunately, it appears that there are some reasonable people in that room. If you watch the woman over Overholt's left shoulder react to the Crazy Train Magnet Show, you'll know how she feels about the display.

  • Naked Florida woman on a rampage in Outback Steakhouse

    There's no evidence as to what set off 53 year-old Tina Kindred at the Outback Steakhouse in Ocala, Florida, but when police got there she started whipping liquor bottles at them and speaking incoherently, all without clothing on. Kindred managed to cause a few thousand dollars worth of damage, according to police, before being tasered and taken into custody.

    Kindred's path of nude destruction had started at the Mojo Grill next door, flipping over tables and banging on windows, before continuing into the Outback.

    via Yahoo!:

    Kindred was placed in handcuffs and taken to a nearby health facility where THC was found in her system. Kindred was later taken to Marion County Jail, charged with aggravated assault and felony criminal mischief and held on $12,000 bond.

    After she was read her rights, Kindred told investigators that she initially went to the Mojo Grill because the owner "is not honest." It's unclear what beef the suspect had with Outback or why she removed her clothes.

    Though it's difficult to fully hear at the end of this video, I believe I hear Kindred saying "Who holds the button?" and "It was gonna be me and Bill Gates and the world is gonna end and you guys don't get it. You all are f****** fools and wait'll you see the side show." Someone please use these lines as lyrics for a song. She says some of these things in a typical inebriated refrain but hey, if she's going to be naked and smash liquor bottles in the middle of the day at the Outback Steakhouse I want to at least try and understand her babbling rants.

  • Video: "Ring of fire" solar eclipse

    There are stunning pictures and video of the morning solar eclipse that took place in the northern hemisphere Thursday. Unfortunately, for most Americans the "ring of fire" effect, when the moon blocks the sun but for an outer illuminated ring, was only visible in Ontario, Canada. The large moon bites taken out of the sun in the morning sunrise is still remarkable enough to appreciate and some shots look like good sci-fi art.

  • Dog ejected from car crash found days later at sheep farm, herding them

    Tilly the dog was thrown through the back windshield of his owner's vehicle when it crashed into another car in Idaho on Sunday morning. Tilly's owner, Linda Oswald, spent the next 10 hours trying to find Tilly with the help of other motorists who stopped to help, to no avail. The Spokesman-Review:

    "People just kept going out," Oswald said, "2:30 in the morning some people were out looking for him."

    The first day of searching was fruitless, but the family also wrote a Facebook post that included a picture of Tilly.

    More than 3,000 people shared that post. Thousands of people in Kootenai County had their eyes peeled for the 2 1/2-year-old border collie and red heeler mix.

    Two days later, Tyler, Travis and Zane Potter spotted a dog herding sheep on their sheep farm. It was not one of their Australian Shepherds.

    It was Tilly.

    Tilly must have been drawn to the sheep and did what came natural to him. He gave himself a job on the Potter's farm and went straight to work. The Potters realized this stranger dog was the one from the Facebook post, and were able to reunite Tilly with the Oswalds. Herders gotta herd.

  • Brian Williams airs the political ad Fox News would not

    Fox News decided not to show the political ad created by MeidasTouch despite the $185,000 the activist group offered. It's understandable though, the ad features truth about the January 6th Capitol riot, showing interviews with law enforcement who were there that day and calls out the GOP lawmakers who voted against the creation of a commission to fully examine how this happened to our country. So, Fox News, not wanting to share that information on their network, even in the interest of capitalism and making a buck, is at least consistent. Why side with facts when the alternative they have been feeding their viewers has been working so well, and been so profitable, since the 90's?

    Here is MSNBC anchor Brian Williams airing the ad on his show and challenging the viewers to ask themselves "what isn't factual about it? Which people in it aren't real?". MeidasTouch encourages as many people as possible to retweet their ad, not that the right people will see it or be swayed necessarily, but hopefully the truth has power to reach those who are already forgetting how devastating January 6th was to this country.

  • The sister she never met shares some uncanny similarities

    Victoria Vorhees knew she was adopted but it wasn't until she took a 23andMe DNA test that she discovered she had a long-lost sister. She contacted Alyss Revae through the site and chatted and eventually the two had a call with their biological mother.

    "I showed her some photos of me growing up with my adoptive parents," says Victoria, "and she was happy but still crying!

    Alyss says of her sister, "We live very parallel lives even though we were given very different situations."

    It's not just their mutual love of Halloween—of Stephen King, of It and The Shining—that she was fascinated by; they both have bat tattoos—on opposite feet but the same part of the ankle.

    Alyss said: "When she sent me that [tattoo] picture I literally just dropped my phone."

    They also both have cats and make and sell pet portraits online.

    Victoria said: "We both like hiking trails as well, I'm going to show her all the cool ones around here [in Chicago]!"


    #duet with @victoriavvorhees completely different lives, shared dna, but basically the same person 🤣 #adoption #fyp #storytime #lostsiblings

    ♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes

  • Philadelphia nude bike ride 2021: Mask required

    Tops, bottoms and undergarments need not be worn in the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride, but wearing a mask is the article of clothing that is a must.

    via AP:

    The city lifted most of its COVID-19 rules this week, citing an increase in vaccinations and a decrease in cases. But ride organizers said they hadn't had a chance to chat since the city's guidelines changed so for the time being, they're "going to stick with our initial mask guidance." Lead organizer Wesley Noonan-Sessa said they'll keep an eye on what the city says in the next month or so.

    Thousands come out for the annual ride through the Philly streets to paint each other's bodies and promote healthy body image. They also advocate for bike riding as well as fossil fuel reduction. No registration is required just show up on August, 28th with your bike, your mask, body paint (optional), helmet (highly recommended) and as nude as you dare.

  • Cheerios responds to comedian's F-bomb challenge

    John Oliver issued a tough challenge to Cheerios as he went on a cereal rant on "Last Week Tonight". He called out the industry for failing to put out any new cereals of interest in years. Specifically calling out Cheerios, he challenged them to write a very short and simple post from their Twitter account: "Fuck you" is what he asked them to state. The theory being that at least something interesting would be brought to the dull breakfast cereal landscape, and he offered to donate $25,000 to the Cheerios charity of their choice.

    Cheerios had a response:

    I look forward to Oliver's reaction because God knows he wasn't asking for money to be thrown around. He was looking for something fun and Earth-shaking and this is a great gesture and all, but Zzzzzzzzz. Come on Cheerios! You don't need to be profane but man, talk some smack about Toucan Sam or Kashi's flavor-challenged offerings…SOMEthing!

  • Seeking a bed to crash in, drunk guy breaks into the exact wrong Airbnb

    Waking up in handcuffs is right up there with waking up to water pouring on you or a pod of spiders crawling on your skin. All extremely undesirable. This unnamed bubblehead has a habit of breaking into area Milwaukee Airbnb's to sleep his booze off, but the one he recently chose happened to be filled with sheriff's deputies in from Montana for training. When one deputy heard some clamoring in the upstairs of the house in the middle of the night he dismissed it as another deputy getting in late or using the bathroom. The next morning when they discovered an open door they investigated to find Goldi-drunks sleeping in a bed.

    via Yahoo!:

    This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops," one deputy said. "He woke up in handcuffs."

    Below is one deputy's TikTok account of the break-in by the deputies involved:

  • Do a "Murph" workout in honor of Memorial Day

    If you have ever done Crossfit you might already know what a Murph is. It's dedicated to Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, an avid Crossfit buff, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Here is his namesake's routine: run 1 mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air-squats and run another mile, all while wearing a weighted vest or body armor. You do this as fast as you can. If you're like me there are parts of this workout that are non-starters. I can do 4 pull-ups, maybe. I do not have a weighted vest or body armor and would not even conceive of getting anything to make these difficult exercises that much harder. I did a modified version of this last year by swapping out pull-ups for burpees—not easy but at least it was possible for me.

    via Men's Health:

    On August 17, 2005, Greg Glassman the founder of Crossfit, posted the details of the workout to CrossFit.com as the WOD (Workout of the Day) and included a note:

    In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor." From here on it will be referred to as "Murph" in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is. . . . If you've got a 20-pound vest or body armor, wear it.

    If you are interested in officially participating by doing a Murph yourself and submitting your results (or even hosting your own event. It could be done at any time. It doesn't have to be on Memorial Day) go to themurphchallenge.com. It's a good way to recognize Memorial Day with a good workout, a donation and maybe even a social media post to help spread your support and brag a little about being able to finish a "Murph." The proceeds from the murphchallenge.com support the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

  • Epic Nebraskan noodle battle of the Joshes

    What could that wonderfully absurd headline even mean, and how did I learn of this a whole month after it happened? On April 24th, 2021 in Lincoln, Nebraska a few hundred dudes named Josh gathered, armed with colorful pool noodles, to bludgeon one another in a free-for-all of Josh supremacy. Maybe had this been a "Kevin fight" it would have caught my attention, however an assortment of Kevins tripping over their own feet and performing other feats of bumbling and idiocy would only have ended up in serious injury. The Josh fight however was good-natured romping and jousting where the smallest Josh, a 5 year-old dubbed Little Josh, was crowned the winner.

    This all started due to pandemic boredom back in April of 2020 when Josh Swain of Arizona called out other Josh Swains in a Reddit post to compete to keep their shared name. The losers would have to change their names.

    via NPR:

    The message was a "complete joke," Swain said in the Reddit post. But after sharing screenshots of the conversation on Twitter, the Internet responded with meme-filled fervor — enough to convince Swain to make the journey to Lincoln, Neb., to "defend his name."

    Once the word got out hundreds of Joshes, from Spiderman Joshes, Kenobi Joshes, gladiator Joshes, Wookie Joshes, and ONE other Josh Swain had traveled from around the country for the event. The Joshes Swain squared off in a Rock, Paper, Scissors match for a Josh Swain Battle Royale. Josh Swain won. The Josh Swain from Arizona who started the whole thing. Another fabulous thing to come from this ludicrous rally of joy is the money that was raised.

    via NPR:

    By Sunday, the Josh Swain Fund had raised more than $10,000 for the Children's Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, which provides medical services to children across Nebraska.

    In a Reddit post following the event, Swain — now known as "THE Josh Swain" — said that he didn't have "a single idea how the event would play out" and had worried about how many people would show up. But the result, he said, was a gathering that was "incredibly respectful, polite, joyful, and just awesome overall."

    "Man, you guys absolutely rocked it," he said. "From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for making the Josh Swain Battle Royale, Josh Fight, JoshvsJoshvsJosh, etc. one of the greatest events of my entire life."

    Some Redditors suggested establishing the battle as an annual tradition with a new name, location and charitable cause each year. One suggestion for next year's name? Jenny Smith.

  • Curious penguin jumps on boat for a visit and quick video shoot

    A tour boat got an unexpected passenger when a cute penguin decided to jump up and say hello. This was not a case of survival, like the otter who was recorded jumping into a boat to avoid an orca, or similarly a different penguin jumping into a boat to escape an orca's jaws. This almost seems common now. Is this a case of boat-jump training for penguins to learn another skill in orca evasion? The orcas must be getting irritated with the hand up humans are giving their lunches lately. Expect a statement from the orca union rep any time now.

    via Dogtooth Media:

    Polar guide John Bozinov was leading a tour through Antarctica's Ross Sea when a sole chinstrap penguin made a couple of attempts to jump onboard his Zodiac vessel. The 30-year-old killed the engine to make it easier for the bird to make the leap, finally landing successfully on the side of the boat next to one of the passengers.

  • Golfer's true disdain for rival in derailed interview not suitable for air

    It's no secret how pro golfer Brooks Koepka feels about other pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau. It is a heavy dislike. In the world of golf there have always been rivalries, many drummed up by the golf media to make the sport appear a bit more dramatic and interesting. You can't fake the Koepka frustrated exhale, vexed closed eyes and trail of un-airable simmering expletives. Already bristling from the sheer proximity of DeChambeau to him at the start of the interview for the Golf Channel, Koepka spirals into full irk when his nemesis inconsiderately walks directly behind him in the camera shot, chatting and walking his loud spikes over gravel. Enjoy Brooks Koepka's relatable slow burn in this NSFW clip from after the PGA Championship round on Sunday.

    via Yahoo!:

    This isn't the first time Koepka and DeChambeau have butted heads. Koepka got on DeChambeau in 2019 over slow play. Just before the pandemic, DeChambeau mocked Koepka's physique, saying, "Did you see the [ESPN] body issue? He didn't have any abs. I have abs."

    Koepka fired back with a devastating shot, referencing his four majors to DeChambeau's zero at the time:

    "I honestly wouldn't even care," Koepka says about his video reaction to DeChambeau airing to a wide audience. If you even have a mild interest in golf keep your eyes on these two for and entertaining summer. because this has been brewing for a while now.

  • Corpse discovered inside Stegosaurus statue in Spain

    A father and his son noticed an awful smell coming from the papier-maché stegosaurus as they were looking at the hollow dinosaur in Santa Coloma de Gramanet outside of Barcelona, Spain. When the man peered through a crack and saw a corpse inside a hollow leg, he contacted police. Firefighters were able to cut open the leg to recover body.

    via EuroWeeklyNews:

    The Mossos d'Esquadra are currently investigating the cause of death, but confirm that the body displayed no signs of violence, and their initial hypothesis is that the man climbed inside the statue to spend Saturday night and there he died, according to La Vanguardia.

    The advertising dinosaur where the man was found is the last remaining one from several statues that had been on the street for a long time, where they had been placed to promote the movie theater next to the unique Cubics building, which has since closed down.

    Subsequent reports theorize that the man had dropped his cell phone inside the dinosaur, climbed in trying to retrieve it, got stuck and was unable to call for help. A cause of death has yet to be determined.

  • World's largest iceberg splits off Antarctica

    A 1,668 square mile mass of ice designated A-76 has broken off of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Larger than Long Island (1,401 square miles) and similar in shape, the gigantic slab's trajectory is unknown at this time. Other large icebergs that have detached from the South Pole have not left mother Antarctica. One, dubbed B15, that calved 20 years ago is still in the continent's vicinity and another has not moved for 33 years. The expectation for A-76 is that if it does voyage northward, waves, warmer waters and its own meltwater will cause it to break apart.

    Scientists were not surprised that the A-76 wanted to leave home and break out on its own. Tensions within the Ronne Ice Shelf family have been visible with crevasses and fractures, but what specific chain of events or argument that set off A-76 to turn its back on the larger mass and skip town is unknown. The ability to know when "calving" will occur is still a mystery.

    via Huffpost:

    Christopher Readinger, the lead analyst for the USNIC's Antarctic team, said the break was "not unexpected … but it did come out of the blue, sort of."

    That's because icebergs breaking off of larger ice masses — or "calving," as experts call it — is generally unpredictable, and crevasses aren't always an indicator that something's about to happen, Readinger told HuffPost on Thursday.

    "We could watch them for years and they won't do anything and elsewhere there will be this perfectly solid ice shelf that will suddenly collapse unexpectedly," he said.

    A-76 has been quiet about its plans for the future but in the past had mentioned dreams of moving out west and starting a surf shop and just chillin' with friends.

  • Rest in peace Charles Grodin, 86

    Actor Charles Grodin passed away Tuesday at his home in Connecticut at the age of 86 after battling cancer, according to his son. Grodin starred in such movies as "The Heartbreak Kid", "Heaven Can Wait", "Beethoven" and the classic "Midnight Run" with Robert DeNiro. The exchange between Grodin and DeNiro in the below clip is both actors at their most brilliant in timing and delivery.

    via CNN:

    The actor became a favorite guest of the late-night talk shows, where he affected a haughty personality, with dozens of appearances with Johnny Carson and David Letterman. Later, Grodin tried hosting a talk show himself on CNBC,and also became an author, writing a number of books, beginning in 1989 with "It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here: My Journey Through Show Business."

    Grodin explained that he stumbled on his hostile talk-show persona after following Diana Ross on "The Tonight Show." He then continued to hone that act, and hosts — especially Letterman — were delighted to play along.

    Here Grodin brings his "attorney" on the David Letterman show in 1989 to deal with grievances after past guests spoke ill of him with Dave. Outstanding comedy.

  • Stunning Orca jump caught on expedition

    After a dive in the Sea of Cortez this diving expedition happened upon a pod of orcas hunting bottlenose dolphins. The leaping orca footage captured is of the killer whale slamming into a dolphin in midair. This all took place north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, thankfully without all the gore that often goes with wildlife films. Before this video I don't think I knew that Shamu had Flipper on its menu, but circle of life, man. Circle of life.