• Yet another vocal anti-vax talk show host dies from Covid-19

    If you throw a rock in the United States you might well hit the casket of a conservative radio talk show host who denounced the Covid-19 vaccine, and urged his followers to do the same, and then died of Covid-19. List Bob Enyart, a self-proclaimed "rightwing religious fanatic" who hosted a radio show in Denver, Colorado, to the constantly growing tally of vaccine non-believers to die from the dreaded disease.


    Bob Enyart, a rightwing talk radio host in Colorado who urged people to boycott vaccines for Covid-19, has died of Covid-19. death was reported two weeks after the Denver Bible church said he and his wife had been taken to hospital.

    "Pastor Bob and Cheryl are in … good hands and improving daily," the church said then. "We anticipate and pray for a full recovery. We both grieve and rejoice together during this challenging time."

    In a Facebook post on Monday, Enyart's co-host, Fred Williams, said: "It comes with an extremely heavy heart that my close friend and co-host of Real Science Radio has lost his battle with Covid.

    The Denver Post reported that Enyart was a practiced and brutal provocateur who once used a show on cable television to mock by name people who died of Aids. According to a 1999 profile by Westword, Enyart "gleefully read obituaries of Aids sufferers while cranking Another One Bites the Dust by Queen".

    Enyart also called for women who had abortions to face the death penalty.

    Regarding Covid-19 vaccines, Enyart said people should boycott the shots "because …they tested these three products on the cells of aborted babies".

    Last October he successfully sued the state of Colorado over Covid-related restrictions on church attendance.

    Enyart sounds like not a great guy, using religion as a shield to say whatever he wants, scare people into his will and holding on to destructive beliefs, and though I take no great pleasure in his passing, is it possible that his death wakes up some of his followers and possibly saves their lives? Somebody, who bought into his garbage, HAS to gain clarity on the value of a life-saving vaccine especially when their leader dies at the hands of it.

    Four other rightwing nut job hosts have died from Covid after thumbing their noses at it in the very same way. I don't wish anyone death. I would much rather the vaccine-unbelievers pay attention to the fact that their drive-home guy isn't there anymore to listen to on the radio and maybe why that might be. The math, the science and the sense are all staring directly back at them.

  • Comic Norm MacDonald dies at age 61

    Norm MacDonald's recent Norm MacDonald Has a Show was brilliant and so very drowsy, yet maniacally and cuttingly Norm. He had been living with cancer for the past nine years, and at age 61 has died. He had no interest in sympathy or even letting on about his condition. He pushed on, going so far as to be scheduled for the New York Comedy Festival lineup this November. A true soldier of comedy.

    via Deadline:

    Macdonald's death was announced to Deadline by his management firm Brillstein Entertainment. The comedian's longtime producing partner and friend Lori Jo Hoekstra, who was with him when died, said Macdonald had been battling cancer for nearly a decade but was determined to keep his health struggles private, away from family, friends and fans.

    "He was most proud of his comedy," Hoekstra said. "He never wanted the diagnosis to affect the way the audience or any of his loved ones saw him. Norm was a pure comic. He once wrote that 'a joke should catch someone by surprise, it should never pander.' He certainly never pandered. Norm will be missed terribly."

    For more extensive career and bio info.

  • Drum major takes pratfall before football game, leaps back into action

    Ohio State University drum major Austin Bowman was probably filled with adrenalin as he bolted through the tunnel on his way to the football field and his marching band. In only the second game of the season after the long inactive nightmare of 2020, Bowman's feet buckled under. He spectacularly fell, giant hat and all, and just as spectacularly got to his feet and sprinted on like nothing had happened, as any resilient team player would.

    The drum major's spill may have portended a darker omen at "The Horseshoe" in Columbus, Ohio however. The home team Ohio State Buckeyes football squad, who were ranked 3rd in the nation, were beaten by the #12 Ducks of Oregon, in a thrilling upset, 35-28. Maybe the footballers can use the example of drum major Bowman and quickly push on after their fall.

  • Anti-mask students in Michigan are urged by parents to push into school

    About 2 dozen students pushed into their school in Manchester, Michigan egged on by their anti-masking parents, past Manchester Superintendent Brad Bezeau Tuesday in defiance of the county's mask mandate. Clearly these parents don't give two rips about the safety of anyone else in the building who might be high risk or just would rather avoid getting sick. Their kids are more important and a mask is an affront to their civil liberties apparently. Well, those students were cordoned off in a separate area from the rest of the school to do independent work for the day. I'm sure that tapped into their full potential, versus wearing a mask and being part of an actual classroom. Nice win.

    via MLive:

    "It did get vocal and students did begin pressing against the door for entry without masks, obviously not being compliant," Bezeau said. "I wouldn't want to block students or anything like that, so that's certainly how they got past us, but we were doing our due diligence and making sure that they understood that entering the building without a mask isn't in compliance."

    The district coordinated with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office to ensure compliance of the order, Bezeau said.

    Video of the incident that was shared on social media shows a sheriff's deputy explaining to parents that the mask order was issued by the health department and was a policy of the school district. The officer noted, however, that he was "not putting masks on anybody."

    Listen to the one guy instructing the kids to be "kind and respectful" just after urging them to be anything but by pushing their way in. Kind and respectful might take into account not breathing potentially harmful germs in others faces when it is easily avoidable.

  • Watch: Heron eats Central Park rat

    The majestic Great Blue Heron, with a 6-foot wing span, surveys the Central Park wetland in Manhattan. It stabs a rat, drowns it and swallows it whole, slippery naked tail and all. Gross! But that's one less giant rat to eat and poop and spawn in the city. Best not to watch this video while eating.

  • Twitter corrects Jim Jordan's claim that "Vaccine mandates are un-American"

    In another case of "conservatives: stupid or evil?" Rep. Jim Jordan leaves me pondering: Is he ignorant of the facts of American history, which makes him carelessly tweet this stupid statement, OR does he absolutely know his blatant contradiction and tweet it purposely to play to his base and muddy the waters as to what it is to be a good American?

    Like the Oaf of Mar-a-lago, he might using the playbook that states if you say something that is not factual enough times more and more people will eventually believe it. Well, Twitter was having none of it and has been teeing off on "Err" Jordan.

  • Jerk snatches winning game ticket from old lady

    Imagine an older lady in Naples, Italy, playing a "scratch and win" card and believing she had won. She goes to the shop with elated expectation where she purchased it to present it to the kindly tobacco shop owner for verification. Well, he verified it alright. The not-so-kindly shop owner hopped on his motor scooter with the winning ticket leaving the woman questioning the decency of her fellow citizen and out the 500,000 euros ($580,000) she would have won.

    The good news is the unidentified ticket thief was detained at Rome's main airport by border police as he was attempting to fly off to Fuerteventura, a Spanish Canary Island. The bad news is the nicked game card was not in his possession and its whereabouts is still unknown.

    via AP:

    The older woman had purchased two "scratch and win" cards. She asked a shop employee to verify the win. The employee then passed the card to one of the shop's owners for a final check, Italian news reports said. But instead he allegedly kept the card and raced off on his motor scooter through Naples.

    He is now free on his own recognizance, LaPresse said.

    To thwart anyone from illegally cashing in, authorities at the Italian tax office which runs the "scratch and win" operation froze the entire block of card numbers that had been distributed to the tobacco shop.

    The tobacco shop owner could do the right thing and let authorities know where the card is so that the lady could cash in on what is hers, but I imagine she is not holding her breath on that one.

  • Video shows hypocrisy by Fox News host over cancel culture

    Fox News host Pete Hamsandwich, or who-cares-what-his-name-is, praises Angie Ugarte, a Florida restaurant owner who posted a sign refusing to serve anyone who supports President Biden. Ugarte specifically believes Biden is complicit in the deaths of U. S. servicemen in Afghanistan, not George W. or Obama or the Orange Menace, aaaall Biden apparently.

                            Angie Ugarte: Owner of DeBary Diner bans Joe Biden supporters
    The DeBary diner has posted a sign on its window telling Biden supporters to turn away (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Twitter/@TheHill)

    In 2018 this Faux News guy hammered a restaurant owner for refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders due to her constant peddling of Trump lies. He also blasts the entire Left for supporting this "Hucka-bee-gone" move. I don't think either move accomplishes much but to continue to show pettiness instead of any kind of understanding. But watch Pete Hedwig's outrage from July 2018 about Huckabee Sanders getting booted from the Red Hen restaurant and his hypocritical supercut supporting the Florida restaurant's canceling of paying customers who might have different beliefs.

  • Woman makes full length gown entirely out of plastic Target bags

    Kailey Schmitt wanted to make herself a dress and didn't want to buy a bunch of fabric to do it. She already had a ton of plastic bags, so Voilà! Plastic bag dress made exclusively from Target shopping bags.

    She says she wanted a mostly white dress with red accents but I imagine riding Target coattails gave her a nice boost in viewership. Get that logo out there and do a photo-shoot in front of and inside a Target with her plastic gown. Target would likely be quite happy for the extra pub themselves. This video shows her whole months-long process using 170 plastic bags and delightful result.

  • Ed Asner dies at 91, lived a complete life and made fun of my shoes

    Ed Asner took a shot at me and my shoes in a very Don Rickles type of move, that I absolutely loved but more about that later, as the celebrated actor has passed away at the age 91.

    Ed Asner's career spanned six decades, where he won seven Emmys, which is the Emmy record for a male actor but he also received five Golden Globes and was the president of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms. In 2003, he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.

    Of course, he is most remembered as playing Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show as well as the spin-off Lou Grant. He appeared in Roots and Rich Man, Poor Man and voiced the main character in Pixar's Up. And as he was a great actor, he was also an incredible humanitarian.

    via HuffPost:

    Asner was known for his political activism and charity work. An outspoken progressive, he lobbied for the establishment of a single-payer health care system in California and against the death penalty. He often referred to himself as a "lefty," including in his Twitter bio, and in 2017, he co-authored a book called "The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs." 

    He was active in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Rosenberg Fund for Children, Autism Speaks and Defenders of Wildlife. 

    In 2018, he opened the Ed Asner Family Center, a Los Angeles-based organization that provides educational opportunities and mental health support for special needs adults. 

    For his efforts on behalf of social justice causes, Asner received the ACLU's Workers Rights Committee Award, the Anne Frank Human Rights Award and the National Emergency Civil Liberties Award.

    Asner was part of the U.S. Army Signal Corps during the Korean War and when he came back Asner joined the Playwrights Theatre Company in Chicago, but left for New York City before members of that company regrouped as the Compass Players in the mid-1950s, a company that eventually developed into The Second City. Asner came back to guest star frequently on Second City's stage. 

    I got to meet Ed Asner briefly after appearing on the Chicago morning show Windy City Live in 2013. I told him I taught at Second City in Chicago which he really liked. He embraced me with an avuncular charm after that. I asked him if I could get a photo of me with him and Happy Days legend Marion Ross, his co-star for an upcoming project.

    "Have you met Marion?" Asner asked gruffly (did he say anything NOT gruffly?)

    "Yes, we met earlier in the green room. She complimented my shoes," I said.

    Asner looked down. "Those shoes?"

    Oh no, I walked into that one. Here it comes. The shoes seemed fancy to me at the time but looking back they were tan distressed leather wing-tip boots. Pretentious and shabby at the same time.

    "Looks like you got those at the Salvation Army," he followed.

    There it is. The feeling like Old Uncle Ed is giving me a friendly hard time. That's the appreciation I felt. He threw me a fair insult to break the nervousness of me being intimidated by a television and activist icon. Earlier, I sat back in the green room enjoying listening to him sarcastically grumble about everything and making everyone laugh. I couldn't wait to meet him and though our interaction was short, it was nice to cross paths with him and feel like we shared a Second City kinship and a moment that I won't forget.

    I still have those shoes and now of course I will never get rid of them, though the Salvation Army would probably love them.

  • Cow seen in backseat of car at McDonald's drive-through

    A common mistake I used to make was to take my calf, or sometimes calves, through the drive-through at McDonald's and have them lecture me from the backseat about how hamburgers and McNuggets are evil. I learned my lesson, but apparently some Wisconsin bloke has not.

    Jessica Nelson spotted a Buick in the McDonald's drive-through in Marshfield, Wisconsin with a cow in the backseat. Using her phone she took video and posted it to Facebook where it earned 112,000 views. The cow's owner saw Nelson's post and explained that he had just purchased that calf, and two others not seen laying down in the back, at an auction. He never mentioned anything about the inevitable whining and complaining from the backseat riders about how meat is murder.

  • Largest projected video game breaks record in Las Vegas

    In December of 2020 Xbox broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest video game projected on the side of a building with Destiny 2: Beyond Light and 19,090 square-feet of video game projection. That record has been surpassed by more than double now. The Tropicana Hotel's Club Tower in Las Vegas became the canvass for a round of Garena Free Fire which projected onto its 46,733.65 square-foot facing. 1.6 million lumens of light were used, which also broke the record for the largest number of lumens ever created by a projector array.

  • One-man band delivers stunning street performance

    To watch this guy prep to play his song gives you time to take in what you're about to see and hear. How is a person so ingenious to design this perfectly functioning self-contained rhythm section and then also be the same person who can play it masterfully, you might think? You might also think, why is it taking so long to get to the good stuff? Don't worry. Be patient.

    I suppose it's only conjecture that he designed it. Maybe there is some mad professor who engineered all the gear but has no musical ability at all and had to find the right latin-style guitar/harmonica player to execute it? Nah, that guy did it himself with little help. Just my guess. Enjoy!

  • Help deal with COVID by wearing jeans, a Georgia superintendent of schools advises

    Superintendent of Georgia's Bulloch County School District Charles Wilson has done virtually nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the schools he oversees, but will allow staff to enjoy a 'casual September' by getting to wear jeans for a few weeks. Out of 11,000 students in his district 900 of them tested positive for the coronavirus as of last Monday. Teachers and parents have been begging for a mask mandate but the only action taken were signs put in the schools encouraging students to wear masks, but not forcing them to do so.

    Charles Wilson did issue this statement, via The Daily Beast:

    "I talked with principals today and we all agreed that, though it is a small gesture, you would enjoy the liberty of wearing jeans for the next month. So, by all means, please enjoy your jeans throughout the month of September (and the rest of August)."

    On Aug. 19, in response to what Wilson called the "many and diverse perspectives across our community regarding COVID-19," the superintendent posted on Facebook a letter to parents with tips on how to keep their kids safe, such as "daily hygiene" and "mak[ing] sure your child gets their necessary exercise, rest, and dietary needs met to help develop a healthy immune system." Wilson made no mention of masks or vaccination. He closed the message with a "hang in there."

    "Unbelievably insulting and entirely tone deaf," Adam Brady, a parent in the district, commented below the post. "I cannot believe that I live in a community with this level of failure to acknowledge and address a problem of this magnitude."

    So, Charles Wilson declares jeans-for-all and condescendingly encourages regular habits to maintain a healthy immune system, but he won't protect the staff and students by requiring them to do something that most decent people have gotten used to, which is wearing masks.

    At least he isn't suggesting anyone take Ivermectin, a horse de-worming drug, available at farm supply stores, to battle COVID. In a mind-numbing turn of events the FDA had to put out a warning against people taking the de-worming drug…that is for HORSES, for God's sake! Why, you ask? Where would regular people get this idea to pass on taking a clinically tested vaccine proven highly effective in protecting us from the coronavirus and instead take a horse de-wormer? Hmmm, where would they get that idea? Answer: Fox News, of course! Watch Seth Meyers shred the dopes at the misinformation network for pushing this horse shit…correction, horse pill.

    Masks, vaccines, on-line learning, contact tracing and distancing are not tools Superintendent Charles Wilson will use to keep his district safe, but basic immunity tips and blue jeans are? Sadly, look for those COVID rates in Bulloch County to increase exponentially this fall.

  • Financial penalties for pro-Trump lawyers in Michigan election lawsuit

    As the disgraced former president found, words have consequences. Wait, who are we kidding? The Orange Orb of Lies never learned that. And certainly the consequences he faced were far disproportionate from the word garbage he spewed for four years. But now nine lawyers who brought a lawsuit against the state of Michigan over 2020 presidential election results to favor Trump over Biden have been seen as the sham they were by U.S. District Judge Linda Parker. Judge Parker has asked the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan to each count up the costs they incurred defending the lawsuit and submit those totals to her within 14 days.

    via Yahoo!:

    "Despite the haze of confusion, commotion and chaos counsel intentionally attempted to create by filing this lawsuit, one thing is perfectly clear: Plaintiffs' attorneys have scorned their oath, flouted the rules, and attempted to undermine the integrity of the judiciary along the way," Parker said in the opening of a scathing 110-page opinion.

    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of six Republican voters who wanted Parker to decertify Michigan's results and impound voting machines. The judge declined in December, calling the request "stunning in its scope and breathtaking in its reach."

    The state and Detroit subsequently asked Parker to order sanctions against Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood and seven other attorneys who were part of the litigation.

    Parker said lawyers for Trump supporters filed affidavits stuffed with sinister "speculation and conjecture" about the vote-counting process without checking for evidence to support the claims.

    "I appreciate the unmistakable message she sends with this ruling — those who vow to uphold the Constitution must answer for abandoning that oath," said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat. 

    There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Indeed, election officials from both political parties have stated publicly that the election went well, and international observers confirmed there were no serious irregularities.

    Beyond financial reparations for their actions each lawyer has been ordered by Judge Parker to attend 12 hours of legal education, including six hours in election law–which sounds like an apt humiliation but will they even learn anything from that? Doubtful. Much like Rudy Giuliani getting suspended from practicing law in New York, the judge is asking each of the states where these lawyers are licensed to review their actions and possibly face more disciplinary action. THAT would be the right consequence.

    It was one of the few efforts to wrench fines or other penalties from dubious post-election lawsuits across the U.S. There was no immediate response to messages seeking comment from attorneys for Wood and Powell.

  • Fan was about to "Beat the Freeze" when this happened

    At Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves, a fan gets selected to run a foot-race versus a very fleet of foot opponent, "The Freeze". In this foul-pole to foul-pole (160 Meters) sprint The Freeze rarely gets beaten in the "Beat the Freeze" contest, even when given a massive head start, which every competitor gets.

    This fan was beating The Freeze, but to win, you have to finish. He finished with a glorious last-second face plant, and The Freeze glided to victory again. 40,000 Braves fans got to cheer and ultimately witness this fan's humiliation first hand. You have to credit him though, because you can't win if you don't try, and he didn't win.

    Here is another angle to watch this poor guy lose his legs just before the finish line.

  • Capybaras take over upscale neighborhood in Argentina

    In Nordelta, an upscale suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, capybara's have been finding a new home. Capybara's are giant South American rodent species weighing roughly 120 lbs. and 3 feet in height and hordes of them have decided they would like to share the neighborhood with the people, mostly because there is no place else to live.

    via AP:

    But resident Gabriel Iglesias said the area's relationship with the capybara had soured from "friendly" to "complicated".

    Since 2019, residents have reported incidents related to the expansion of the capybara population, including road accidents and attacks on pets.

    Sebastian Di Martino, a conservation director at the Rewilding Argentina Foundation, said the rodents were being driven into urban areas by the degradation of their wetland habitats.

    In 2020, fires devasted more than 300,000 hectares of wetlands in the Parana River delta.

    Di Martino added there were also fewer predators to keep the capybara population in check.

    Many don't sympathize with the human encroachers of natural habitat at all. The capybaras have lived there for millennia and are anything but an invasive species.

  • Deer jumps off of a 50-foot waterfall

    Watch as these tourists are enjoying the splendor of the Tahquamenon Falls in Luce County, Michigan. No sooner are they taking in nature's beauty as some adrenalin-junkie deer tears on to the scene bent on jumping over the falls, likely a dare from his fellow woodland pals.

    These poor people see this maneuver as utter suicidal madness or pure oblivion on the part of the fawn. With relief, they record Evel Deer-nieval's triumphant swim, but how successful or tragic this episode turned is hard to know as the video ends before we see our hero get to safety.

  • Brian Kilmeade compares NY Covid mandates to Taliban rule in squabble with Peter Doocy on "Fox & Friends"

    "Fox & Friends" hosts sniping at each other over masks and vaccine mandates in the city of New York has the flavor of a parent using logic and calm when arguing with a cranky toddler. Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade assume these roles splendidly.

    Doocy (Parent): He (Mayor de Blasio) could be right…it could convince people to go ahead and get the vaccine…

    Kilmeade (Brat): So what?

    Parent: If you talk to him he'd say it's a public health crisis…

    Brat: Who wants to talk to him?

    Parent: He's the mayor.

    Of course the clincher is Kilmeade considering that any kind of government mandate during a pandemic, whether it is in the interest of protecting the public and mitigating losses or not, is akin to Taliban rule. So, if I'm ever around Kilmeade [who would ever want to be around him?] I'm sure he'd support my right to wave carpet filled with toxic mold in his face and blind him with a laser pointer. You know, we don't want to live under these authoritarian oppressive Afghani Draconian rules. I should be able to do what I want and enjoy my hobbies despite his personal comfort or health.

    via Yahoo!:

    Kilmeade also falsely claimed that people don't need a vaccine if they have antibodies from a past COVID-19 infection. Medical professionals and infectious disease experts recommend that those who've already had the virus get vaccinated because the vaccines offer a far higher level of protection from reinfection. The Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that unvaccinated people who've been infected with COVID-19 in the past are almost two and half times more likely than vaccinated people to contract COVID-19 again.

    Kilmeade with false claims? Perish the thought.

  • Rare photo of Susan B. Anthony found in attic

    In what continues to be a familiar story, an individual buys a building and finds a treasure trove of artifacts in an untouched area of the building. Attorney David Whitcomb is just that individual. The building he bought in Geneva, NY had a concealed attic that housed many rare photos taken by photographer James Ellery Hale in the early 1900's. One of those photos was of famed suffragist Susan B. Anthony months before her death in 1905. The photo is significant in that it is the photo used as Anthony's official photo at the Library of Congress and is thought to be only one of four in existence.

    Now, the 20-by-16-inch photo is being auctioned with a starting price of $5,000.

    via AP:

    The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported Tuesday that David Whitcomb, an attorney and now owner of the building, has worked with an antiques dealer to bring some 350 items that he discovered in the attic, including the historic photograph of Anthony, to auction. 

    One Source Auctions of Canandaigua will hold the auction Sept. 18, along with an open house the night before. Aaron Kirvan, of the auction house, estimated the found collection could bring in around $100,000 but said it was difficult to know because some of the items are one of a kind.

    Anthony was a leader of the campaign for women's suffrage, writing the text of what became the 19th Amendment when it was passed in 1920, giving women the right to vote.

    So, if you start buying properties with hidden areas in them you are bound to find something valuable, or unleash a hideous curse. Maybe both!