New FIREFLY series coming out, but not on TV

There were recent rumors that the cult-favorite sci-fi western Firefly might be rebooted or retooled for a triumphant return on Disney+.

This never sounded reliable to me. But now, BOOM! Studios has announced a new Firefly spin-off comic book series, titled A Brand New Verse, that's set 20 years after the Serenity film and focuses on the new crew of the same ship, with a blood connection to the old one. Here's the official synopsis:

Set 20 years after the events of Firefly, Serenity soars the 'Verse once again with a new captain – Emma, the daughter of Wash and Zoe!

The old crew of Serenity has gone their own way and now Emma is working to prove herself to Zoe, alongside a new crew of castaways and misfits just trying to stay afloat.

But when Serenity takes a job from a familiar face, they discover that their new, living, breathing cargo is far more than they bargained for…and might bring them into conflict with Alliance once again!

Josh Lee Gordon (Firefly: Bad Company) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen)  begin a new era for Joss Whedon's Firefly with First Appearances of an all new cast, new adventures and shocking new surprises!

BOOM! Studios is no stranger to comic book adaptations of beloved properties. They've recently published another Firefly series set in the post-Serenity world as well, as long as a graphic telling of the Unification War (read: American Civil War in Space), set before the TV series. Joss Whedon himself even wrote a few Firefly comics, one bridging the gap between the TV show and the movie, and the other focusing on the secret origin story of Shepherd Book.

I read the first bunch of Firefly spin-off comics, and enjoyed them well enough, but it hard to re-capture the charisma of the cast (yes, even Adam Baldwin). I personally find the idea of a spinoff set in the future to be much more exciting, so I'll certainly be checking it out.

Firefly: A Brand New Verse #1 will be released on March 10, 2021.