When car thief notices kid was left alone in stolen car, he returns to scold the mom

Soon after a gentleman in Beaverton, Oregon stole an SUV from a supermarket parking lot, he noticed a 4-year-old strapped into the back seat. Furious, he made a U-turn and found the child's mom, whereupon he berated her for her negligence, ordered her to get her child out of the car, and threatened to call the cops. Once she retrieved her child, the thief sped off again in the stolen car.

"He actually lectured the mother for leaving the child in the car and threatened to call the police on her," said Beaverton Officer Matt Henderson.

According to The Oregonian:

The mother parked just outside the store's front door and went inside to buy a gallon of milk and some meat, Henderson said. She was never more than 15 feet from the car, but she made a critical error.

She left the engine running and the doors unlocked.

"What she did was not a crime. She was within sight and sound of her child," Henderson said. "But she left the car running, so take that extra step, take the keys with you. It's a good reminder to take extra precaution when we have our little ones with us."

The car thief, who was wearing a multi-colored mask, hasn't yet been caught.

Image: Robert Couse-Baker – pxhere CC BY 2.0