Health workers stuck in a snowy traffic jam gave COVID vaccines to other drivers before the doses spoiled

In Josephine County, Oregon, Health workers on the way back from a vaccination clinic at a high school became stuck in a traffic jam caused by an intense snowstorm. They were carrying extra vaccines already designated for other recipients, but the delay meant the doses would expire before they reached their destination. So they offered them to other stuck drivers. From the Josephine County Public Health Facebook page:

"Not wanting to waste any doses, dedicated JCPH staff members began walking from car to car, offering stranded motorists a chance at receiving the vaccine (with an ambulance from AMR-Josephine County on hand for safety)," [the department said in a Facebook Post].

In the end, all six doses were administered, including one to a Josephine County Sheriff's Office employee who had arrived too late for the [high school] clinic but ended up stopped with the others on her way back to Grants Pass.

JCPH Director Mike Weber said it was one of the coolest operations he'd been a part of.

(via KTVL)

images: JCPH