A brief history of the best video game title screens

The Washington Post has a delightful new breakdown of the most influential video game title screens in history.

Video game title screens are an artform. Their layout, design, imagery and sounds are the first impression players get of a gaming experience, and certain developers have taken title screen concepts to incredible, immersive levels. Launcher took a look at some of gaming's greatest title screens to see what makes them work so well. We considered multiple factors — cinematography, aesthetics, sound design, nostalgia, gaming legacy and how the title screen sets player expectations. Here's our breakdown of some of the best and most memorable video game title screens.

The article by Jhaan Elker includes some thoughtful analysis on each screen's inclusion, but you can also watch the highlight reel in the clip video above.

The best video game title screens [Jhaan Elker for Launcher / The Washington Post]