eink.link is a website directory for e-readers

Kindles and other e-ink readers come with rudimentary web browsers. It's no fun to use them for regular web use, so Doug Belshaw made a directory of web sights especially useful for e-reader users. It's called eink.link.

From his announcement:

I'm someone who uses the web browser on my e-reader. I always have done, from the earliest Amazon Kindle I had, through to the bq Cervantes 4 I use these days. To scratch my own itch, I've created a new site: eink.link

As you'd expect, web browsers on e-readers aren't very capable. As websites get ever more bloated and complex, they render ever more poorly on these kinds of devices.

Simple, text-based websites work well, though. So I thought I'd begin to collect these and make them available for anyone to use. I'm not doing anything complicated: just using GitHub Pages to serve up a basic website that's styled Simple.css.

Right now, I've added one or more links in the following categories:

  • Search
  • Ebooks
  • News
  • Weather
  • Social
  • Technical

It's pretty awesome that I can download EPUB-formatted books directly from my e-reader's web browser directly to the device!