Pepsi and Peeps collaborate on Easter sugar shock

If your teeth started to hurt for no reason this morning, it might have been caused by the announcement of a collaboration from adorable hell.

Introducing Peeps-flavored Pepsi:

(Photo: Pepsi x Peeps)

Todd Kaplan, Pepsi's VP of Marketing, said "After what has been a very difficult year, many consumers are looking for new things to smile about. So, to celebrate the start of springtime, Pepsi collaborated with PEEPS to develop a limited batch of its first-ever marshmallow cola."

Here's my question: Peeps essentially taste like sugar, unless you brûlée them with a torch. So won't this just taste extra-sugary?

Unfortunately, Pepsi x Peeps won't be available on store shelves. You'll have to tweet to win it. These begrudgingly cute cans are limited edition, which is probably a good thing. I hate myself for wanting them.