The trailer for Uzumaki based on Junji Ito's horror manga is a true teaser

Horror is my favorite genre of comics and manga, especially the kind where a person's ordinary life takes an unexpected turn that heads straight toward a nightmare. But it's hard to find this formula in comics that feels fresh and original. So in 2016 when I came across Fragments of Horror – a book "of eight wonderfully grotesque and creepy short stories" (see my review here) – by manga artist Junji Ito, I devoured it. My only criticism was that there weren't more stories in the collection.

Since then I've read a couple more of his horrific tales, including my favorite, the beautifully illustrated Uzumaki, a truly bizarre manga series split into three thick books about teenagers who live in a small Japanese town who discover a frightening evil force that is not in the form of animal, mineral, or vegetable, but rather simply a shape: a spiral. At first the seemingly innocent shape takes just a few victims, but soon the town is doomed when it's overtaken by spirals that enter and fester in the bodies and psyches of any unlucky soul who gets sucked in after spotting one, whether it's in nature (such as a snail shell) or in a human-made design.

Anyway, today someone who knows I'm an Ito fan sent me this Uzumaki "teaser trailer" (start at :18), which came out last summer and promised on its YouTube page that the four-part TV series would air in 2021 on Adult Swim. (Don't confuse this mini-series with the 2000 movie Uzumaki, which got mediocre reviews and which I haven't seen – the trailer didn't capture the spirit of the manga for me.) Excited as I am about the upcoming series, I've researched and can't find any more detailed info on when it'll be released, but hope it's soon. This is a teaser alright! (If anyone out there know something that Google doesn't, please post it in the comments!)