Have you ever wanted to spend $1000 to eat a wagyu steak coated in 24-karat gold? Now you can!

A few weeks back, a restaurant receipt went weirdly viral on Twitter, because it was, well, wow.

I was personally thrown by the "scare quotes" around the "spaghetti" which apparently $80 per "serving."

After looking at the menu for Miami's Nusr-Et Steakhouse, at least that part made a little more sense. Because apparently the "spaghetti" is actually very thinly sliced wagyu steak. The one time I had wagyu at a steakhouse, it was around $71, so yeah, that tracks (I was fortunate enough to not pay for it myself, but god damn, it would've been worth it if I had).

But then there's the Golden Tomahawk — a marbled wagyu steak coated in 24-Karat gold for a thousand dollars.

A wholesale wagyu tomahawk will run you around $150 for 3 ounces. But apparently the gold-plated food trend is a thing, presumably for extravagantly wealthy people who just want to show off. The FDA has not officially approved of eating gold, but according to the CDC, pure gold is non-toxic and therefore arguably safe. I suppose — for those wealthy enough to do something like this — at least they can claim that sure, my shit still stinks, but at least it runs with gold. Which, I guess counts for something.

Image via YouTube