Newspaper made from 32″ e-Ink display

Greg Raiz crafted an e-ink newspaper, though it might be more appropriate to describe it as an e-ink display cunningly disguised as a page of a newspaper framed and hung on a wall. Brilliant work!

I took a 32″ eInk display and turned it into a digital newspaper that updates every day. It's silent, wireless and can run for months without being plugged in. The display is based on the Visionect 32″ place and play display. This works by running two components. The eInk display acts as a thin client and has very little processing power. The eInk requires no power and the rest of the hardware just listens on an open port drawing very little power. … Why did I build this? I saw something similar online a few years ago and I couldn't find it for sale so I decided to built it myself.