Hotel fires NYC doormen who watched attack on Asian senior

Two hotel doormen who watched a savage New York City street beating without intervening have been fired. The 65-year-old Filipino-American victim was on her way to church when she was attacked without provocation, pushed to the ground, repeatedly kicked in the face and subjected to racial abuse on a Manhattan sidewalk. Footage released by police showed hotel doormen watching, seemingly impassively, from only a few feet away.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio described the assault as "disgusting and outrageous", shortly after it took place. More than 3,795 incidents were reported to the organization Stop Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Hate from 19 March last year to 28 February this year, according to a report. This probably accounts for just a fraction of attacks, the organisation explained.

The attack was captured on the building's own security cameras. Another angle revealed the attacker's face in detail, leading to an arrest days later. Brandon Elliot, 38 and on lifetime parole after murdering his own mother, was charged with assault and hate crime offenses. The Brodsky Organization operates the building where the incident took place.