Passenger sinks teeth into her Uber driver's neck, say police

Michele Stilwell (55) was arrested for choking and biting the neck of her Uber driver in an unprovoked attack, according to The Smoking Gun. The police report of the incident says Stilwell was riding in the back of the driver's car near her home in St. Petersburg, Florida on Sunday when she "reached forward and proceeded to choke the victim from behind." The driver pulled over and Stilwell "managed to crawl forward onto the center console…and bite the victim deeply on the neck drawing blood." As if that wasn't enough, Stilwell also scratched the driver's chest, "causing a large red in color mark with traces of blood visible.. The defendant continued to bite, strangle, and claw at the victim who was unable to defend himself as he was being attacked from behind."

From The Smoking Gun:

The assault ended only after witnesses came to the aid of the driver–who was complaining that he could not breathe–and pulled him free from Stilwell's grasp. A photo taken by one witness shows Stilwell splayed across the Toyota's driver's seat. Another image shows the bite mark on the driver's neck.

Arrest affidavits note that there was an "indication of alcohol influence" with regard to the incident.

Stilwell is charged with aggravated battery and tampering with a witness. Florida Uber drivers beware: she is free on $15,000 bond.

Fox 8 has a video about the alleged assault.