High school teacher suspended for taking students to strip club, drinking with the kids, exposing himself to a colleague, and acting like a total ass during school trip

Richard Glenn, a teacher at Longridge Towers School in Northumberland, England, has been suspended for three years for his "unacceptable" behavior during a school trip for 16 to 18-year-olds to Costa Rica before the pandemic. Administrators sent Glenn home early. Apparently he didn't dispute the accusations but, "due to his state of intoxication," had no memory of his actions that the BBC reports included:

  • Drinking with pupils
  • Allowing one or more pupils to drink alcohol despite being under the legal age of 18
  • Threatening to "kick the head in" of one pupil and "kill" another
  • Telling one pupil: "I'm not in trouble – you'll be in trouble"
  • After being aggressive to one pupil, he kissed the boy's forehead and told him "you're all right"
  • Taking one or more pupils to a strip club
  • Acting aggressively towards the woman leading the trip when she tried to help him back to his tent
  • Exposing himself to the woman in a shared hotel room, although it was agreed this was not "malicious or sexually motivated"