Learn the web's most popular coding language with this JavaScript training package

Python may get a lot of the showy buzz and Java is…well, Java, but if you're looking for the coding discipline that still effectively rules the roost with most developers, your answer is still the same as it's been for decades: JavaScript.

Over 14 million developers use JavaScript as the core or at least a portion of their builds, making it still far and away the most popular programming language in the world, according to SlashData's annual State of the Developer Nation survey.

The bottom line is any developer who knows their stuff knows JavaScript. So for those who want to reach that rarified ring of code expert acceptance, the training in The 2021 Learn to Code JavaScript Certification Bundle can most definitely get them up to speed. Plus, the collection is available at whatever price you want to pay.

By paying any total at all, you will automatically receive the novice-centric JavaScript for Beginners: The Complete Introduction to JS course. Over four hours of study, this training explains how JavaScript works, best practices for coding with JS, and even offers some helpful basic programming tasks to start creating your own JavaScript functions.

While it's a fabulous primer to the world of JavaScript, it's just the start of any learner's journey. So by matching the average price paid by all the shoppers who previously purchased the collection, users will then receive the rest of this package, including 8 more courses fleshing out the wide range of JS coding.

Further courses take an equally hands-on approach to expanding your JS knowledge, including coursework full of mini-projects showing users how to create interactive page content and dynamic content that can be added to a portfolio to offer the range of your skills. Several courses also dive into creating games using JavaScript, featuring everything from a Pac-Man style game to a dynamic math game to word games to 5 games built-in Canvas using HTML like Pong and Catcher.

Expand your coding knowledge with the training in The 2021 Learn to Code JavaScript Certification Bundle, a nearly $1,800 collection of instruction now available at just the price you want to pay.

Prices subject to change.