Is this the worst song ever?

We've posted a few candidates for the worst song ever, but this suite appears to be the most deeply-considered effort to create it. It's an effort to showcase the most "unwanted" genres, motifs and instrumentations in a single piece of otherwise well-composed and professionally-performed music.

The Most Unwanted Song, by Komar, Melamid, and Soldier There was a video like this by someone else that was up for some time, but it got taken down or something and I thought I'd make a new one.

True, there's "cheating" inasfar as it goes off-key and kilter a lot, but I'm struck by how even the most blatantly unpleasant moments can be immediately recognized as something someone somewhere loves. You could sit down a bunch of guys and tell them this was a new Mr Bungle album and watch them smile anxiously for some time before one of them called your bluff. Even the excruciating operatic rap lady is not so far beyond Debbie Harry or Neil Tennant. In all this is the fractal devastation wrought by capital.

"Hey everybody, it's Labor Day!"