Take a tour of this deserted Japanese village populated with scarecrows

Take a virtual tour through the Japanese village of Nagoro, home to 200 scarecrows and 29 humans. Nagaro was once a thriving town, but over time most people left to get jobs in the city.

A woman named Ms Tsukimi Ayano, the "Scarecrow Mother," has been making scarecrows for over a decade now and placing them around this small, quiet town to make it feel less empty. There is even a scarecrow registry that visitors can look at which lists the name, age, sex, personality, and life story of each scarecrow.

The village is known as Kakashi no Sato (Scarecrow Village) in Japan.  Visitors can take scarecrow making workshops, attend the scarecrow festival on the first Sunday of every October, and explore the town.

Ms. Ayano said "Before I started making scarecrows, nobody stopped by. Now many people visit here…I hope Nagoro will become lively again and many people come here for sightseeing." This incredible town is one of the coolest places I've ever heard of, and it's now on my list of places I hope to visit someday.